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What's your WORST experience from a daily issue in NS?


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You all know them; as a matter of fact, it is probably the very first thing players notice when they create their first nation in NationStates (but they then get flooded with recruitment TGs and lose focus — but that's another story).

Down the track, you soon get used to keep getting them — usually twice per day, as is the default setting: Yes, we're talking about the NS Daily Issues.

They're extreme and (usually) funny, full of unexpected twists and witty unforeseen effects — or at least this is what their editors aim for.

Some players ignore them, some dismiss them mechanically, others regard them a part of their NS routine — and some others get overly excited about them.


But the truth is that, no matter how a player sees or handles them, there is always this stingingly unforgettable experience from when a decision of yours in an issue your nation was facing led to a result that was so utterly strange, unforeseen, extreme, catastrophic or just plain unfair, that it simply made you boil for days (while cursing NS and its Issues Editors) and you may even cannot let go even today.

This could be because you met that issue that can drop a 100/100 Economy to zero, or the other one that kicks you out of the WA, or one that destroyed a stat you'd been working ultra hard to achieve and maintain — or simply pressed the wrong button and have been waiting for ages for a reversing issue that you still haven't received. Or it can be something that is actually hilarious. :)


So, please share with us that worst experience of yours from a daily issue.  :wine: No consequence is too small or too foreseeable to include — and you can vent as much as you wish. Let this time be an opportunity for closure — with fun and wit, in a classic NS 'n TWP way!  :D

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