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Issue #453: Parliamentary Playground


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The Issue:

#453: Parliamentary Playground [Nation of Quebec;Lenyo]
The Issue
After a WhoTube video featuring MPs in an outright brawl went viral, foreign commentators now regularly mock the hijinks in the @@DENOMYADJ@@ Parliament. In order to save face, several MPs have tried to reign in the legislature's embarrassing behavior.

The Debate
1. "We need a Parliamentary Code of Conduct to make sure this appalling behavior doesn't happen again," states Opposition Leader @@RANDOMNAME@@. Your entire cabinet mooned me while I was speaking yesterday for Violet's sake! You wouldn't get away with that kind of behavior in any other workplace, so why is Parliament exempt? We need to show the citizenry that this is a place of serious and mature discussion, not a schoolyard playground."

2. "That's a good start, but it doesn't go far enough!" exclaims avid @@NAMEINITIALS@@-SPAN watcher and schoolteacher @@RANDOMNAME@@. "I always sit down and watch Question Period with the kids to teach them how democracy in @@NAME@@ works. They were subjected to the brawl, the mooning, and all those fights involving the chicken costume. Any politician who acts in such a disgraceful way should be barred from running for political office ever again. If we don't take tougher stances against this disgraceful behavior, our kids will start thinking that this is an acceptable way for them to act."

3. "We have a right to express our political dissatisfaction, no matter how... unorthodox our methods are," says @@RANDOMNAME@@, one of your more outspoken cabinet ministers while making an obscene gesture towards the other speakers. "Sure, sometimes things can get a little heated, but that's the nature of politics. If the loyal opposition can't handle a few choice words or an entire hour of jeering, then they shouldn't have run for office. Besides, what about freedom of speech? Aren't we still big on that?"

4. "Hold up! Outta my way!" shouts pro-wrestler Stone Fist as he barges his way into your office and places one of your aides in a chokehold. "What if instead of debates, politicians settled their scores with trial by combat? Build a thunderdome in Parliament. Two MPs enter; one MP leaves! Imagine the ratings and publicity! People could even bet @@CURRENCIES@@ on the results. At the very least, the public will be a lot more invested in the outcome of parliamentary debates." Your aide passes out as Stone Fist releases his grip.


Points to pay attention to:

  • Option 1, “we need a Parliamentary Code of Conduct”: An indication that Political Freedom will be reined and Rudeness will decrease.
  • Option 2, “any politician [...] should be barred from running for political office ever again”: An extreme provision, a very severe restriction — a clear indication to expect a big drop in Political freedom.
  • Option 3, “right to express [ourselves] no matter how unorthodox our methods are”: Kind of an opposite to Option 1 — no rein in Civil Rights or Political Freedom, but an increase in Rudeness is logically expected.
  • Option 4, “politicians settle their scores with trial by combat”: This is decreasing Political Freedom, because you cannot win through arguments.
  • Option 4, “bet @@CURRENCIES@@ on the results”: A hint for Corruption increasing, as well as Gambling.

Actual results:

  • Option 3 in Drachmaland (Civil Rights Lovefest, 88/100/91) had only one effect: Political Apathy became 7 (from 6).


  • This is WIP and the issue brand new, so expect more stats coming in soon.
  • If in doubt, just ask — that's what this thread is for, anyhow.   :)
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