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Found 11 results

  1. General Assembly Resolution #442 “Circulation of World Assembly Law" (Category: Education and Creativity, Area of Effect: Educational) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. The World Assembly, Aware of the importance of understanding national and international law, Applauding the efforts of the resolution to encourage inhabitants of member nations to seek knowledge of World Assembly laws and how they affect daily lives, Appalled by the fact that GAR #442 leaves loopholes that can be used to circumvent the law, Observing that governments can make laws available in foreign and/or unused languages, which bars the knowledge from being distributed to citizens, Worried that the resolution doesn't specify which laws would be important enough to be included in educational curriculum, Noting that due to this lack of explanation, member nations can have completely different views of important resolutions, based on their political systems, Horrified that the resolution doesn't mention a way to check if these educational efforts are indeed being accomplished by all member nations, making possible that nations don't actually teach the intended knowledge of WA law, Hoping that the repeal of GAR #442 will lead to a new resolution, solving the addressed problems, to take its place, Hereby repeals General Assembly Resolution #442. (Authored by Aluminum Oxynitride, Arnic and Giovanniland.)
  2. Recognizing The Holy Principality of Saint Mark as a leader in many aspects of NationStates. Realizing Saint Mark has influenced many Nations by serving as a leader in the feeder region, [region]the West Pacific[/region]: -Serving as Delegate of the West Pacific -Serving as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. -Serving as a Guardian of the West. -Green-lighting the the The West Pacific Armed Forces, helping bring peace to game created regions and their allies Also remembering Saint Mark’s Service as a Regional Officer in [region]Osiris[/region], [region]Albion[/region], and [region]The Sasquatch Republic[/region]. Observing Saint Mark’s recognition by NSToday as one of the 20 most influential nations. Appreciating the establishment of the Protect our Players Accord by the Holy Principality of Saint Mark, which created a fun and safe environment for all. Seeking to commemorate the Influence and goodwill of the Holy Principality of Saint Mark. Hereby commends the Holy Principality of Saint Mark. authored and researched by @Teralyon, @TUMS, @Kurabis
  3. Description: Recognizes that citizens of more than 19,000 Nations in the known to the us universe who are members of the World Assembly are communicating between each other in the fields of: Diplomacy, tourism, trade & commerce etc. Affirms that considering every member nation has its own chosen native language/s many difficulties are occurring to commence proper communication between different nations citizens. Mandates the establishment of an “international auxiliary language” used as an international language in every member nation. Defines “International auxiliary language” as a language meant for communication between people from different nations who do not share a common native language. Encourages member nations to establish international auxiliary language courses in every educational establishment in order to provide its citizens the means to communicate with ease with foreign nationals. Clarifies that the “International auxiliary language” will not by any means attempt to replace a nations native language/s risking its cultural uniqueness but the opposite, it will encourage: A- International Diplomacy. B- National Culture being more accessible. C- Foreign Tourism. D- Foreign Trade & Commerce. WA Members should state their position on this WA motion by stating if they are either FOR or AGAINST. Voting will end before the WA closes to votes and TWP votes will be tallied to give the view of the region. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note that this is directly copied and pasted, I have not changed any of the wording or grammar. I find it ironic that a motion on the subject of language can be so poorly written and riddled with grammatical errors - it is for this reason that I am AGAINST.
  4. Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #139: Consumer Product Safety (Category: Social Justice; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The General Assembly, CONSIDERING the protection of consumers from potentially dangerous products to be a laudable goal; OBSERVING that the Consumer Product Safety Council is given the authority to unilaterally declare a product unsafe, and thus illegal to import or export; LAMENTING that no appellate system exists through which manufacturers can appeal a commercial ban on their product; NOTING that GAR#139 states, in relevant part: "Defines an 'unsafe consumer product' as any consumer product that can pose a fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical hazard or can injure a consumer while used properly and according to age / training / safety requirements;" CONCERNED that the aforementioned definition may prohibit and, at minimum, unnecessarily restrict the commercial trade of common products such as matches, lighters, vehicles, electronic appliances, certain forms of medication, and firearms; REGRETTING that the Consumer Product Safety Council is charged with seeking financial compensation and legal recourse from manufacturers that produce appliances such as the ones listed above, which will serve as a further financial disincentive for the production of such products; DISPUTING the notion that GAR#139 "will promote a higher level of consumer safety on an international level, leading to a decline in injuries and deaths associated with consumer products," taking the aforementioned arguments into consideration, Hereby, Repeals General Assembly Resolution #139, "Consumer Product Safety." WA Members should state their position on this WA motion by stating if they are either FOR or AGAINST. Voting will end before the WA closes to votes and TWP votes will be tallied to give the view of the region.
  5. Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #228: Animal Protection Act (Category: Moral Decency; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void. Argument: The World Assembly: Accepting the noble intent inherent to GA#228, to protect animals, Deploring however, that GA#228 is subject to many flaws and errors which make it more difficult to achieve many of the goals set out in the resolution itself, Understanding that the restrictive definition of pain in GA#228 does little to limit suffering nor does it prohibit non-painful forms of abuse, Noting that the long periods of time between PAWS Committee meetings are a detriment to the protection it is intended to provide, Trusting that certain forms of entertainment involving the well regulated use of animals should be legal, and regretting that this act makes such activities a crime, Disagreeing that ownership of and responsibility for an animal should be acquired with any animal that any person attempts to care for even temporarily, Regretting that this resolution's many flaws are a hindrance to the members of the World Assembly, rather than a boon, Hereby repeals GA# 228, the "Animal Protection Act". Votes For: 1,030 (32%) Votes Against: 2,152 (68%) Voting Ends: in 3 days 18 hours Amongst the West Pacific residents, voting is currently 8-25 (75% Against). Your Regional WA Delegate, Yy4u, has not voted on this resolution. Nobody has done this for a while so I thought I might as well. Against because anything is better than nothing.
  6. Security Council Proposal NationStates forum debate Nay
  7. Commend Astarial A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region. Thoughts? (N.B. Please feel free to adjust this post as deemed fit or delete this in favour of your own topic Halmont. I apologise if this is regarded as presumptuous but I had a few minutes to spare so thought I'd post this. I attempted to emulate the previous format as closely as possible.)
  8. Thoughts? (N.B. Again, please feel free to adjust this post as deemed fit or delete this in favour of your own topic Halmont. I apologise if this is regarded as presumptuous but I had a few minutes to spare so thought I'd post this. I attempted to emulate the previous format as closely as possible.)
  9. Condemn Ralkovia A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region. Category: Condemnation Nominee: Ralkovia Proposed by: Of the Quendi The Security Council, ACKNOWLEDGING Ralkovia as a nation that continuously throughout its history has conducted itself in a manner contradictory to the principles of interregional peace and goodwill between nations, upon which the World Assembly was founded, as well as acting in a fashion detrimental to the advancement of civic and democratic liberties for all Nations and Peoples. RECOGNIZING Ralkovia as a country that operates a system of extermination camps which conducts genocide on undesirable groups in Ralkovia through the following, and many other, measures, with the intent of creating a uniform homogenous society mindlessly devoted to the monstrous policies of Ralkovia: The systematic roundup of and deportation of all political dissidents, ethnic, religious, sexual minorities, physically or mentally disabled people and all other groups considered offensive by the Ralkovian government, hereafter collectively referred to as undesirables, to extermination camps. The elimination of all undesirables deemed unfit to work, thereby meaning children below twelve years of age, the elderly, the disabled, pregnant women and the sick, for immediate extermination upon arrival. The enslavement of all undesirables deemed fit to work, and subsequent overworking the undesirables to an early death while subjecting them to deliberate maltreatment, in the form of torture and withholding basic necessities such as food, medicine, water and so forth. The prioritized pursuit of escapees, including adopted children, conducted by Ralkovian Death Guards to prevent any return of undesirables to Ralkovian society. OBSERVING that Ralkovia has no respect for the sovereignty of foreign states, and regularly launches unjust military action against foreign states over petty issues. ABHORING the routine utilization of forced mass conscription of Ralkovian civilians by the Ralkovian Armed Force for use as cannon fodder in the numerous wars of aggression unjustly waged by Ralkovia DISGUSTED by the policies of indoctrination on the Ralkovian people to be desensitized to the cruelty of the Ralkovian government and accept the crimes of their state. NOTING that Ralkovia is an active slaver state, having enslaved 800 million people while regularly engaging in the international slave trade and subjecting its enslaved populace to inhumane sufferings and humiliations at the hand of the Ralkovian elite. FURTHER declaring Joshua Raskov II, Emperor of Ralkovia, a vile dictator suffering an antisocial personality disorder inspiring him to mindless cruelty and brutality, whose governance has as its sole purpose his own gratification through the suffering of others, since he usurped the throne from his sister, before having her raped and eventually murdered. INSISTING that such abominable acts as those committed by Ralkovia call for a strongly worded condemnation by the Security Council; Hereby Condemns The Grand Empire of Ralkovia. Authored by The Arda i Eruhini of Of the Quendi with the assistance of The Free Republic of Lamoni. Voting Ends: in 1 day Thoughts?
  10. Animal Protection Act A resolution to restrict civil freedoms in the interest of moral decency. Category: Moral Decency Strength: Significant Proposed by: Ilstoria URGING the WA to recognize that animals kept as property by people must be provided with protections as a moral responsibility; REALIZING the importance of animals as food, clothing and medical resources that are imported and exported internationally and would thus require an international effort to prevent cruelty; UNDERSTANDING that populations of animals sometimes require the intervention of people to prevent population growth or harm that is detrimental to the animal, environment and people, and allowing for such actions if all reasonable actions are taken to prevent unnecessary pain and suffering. LIMITS animals in this resolution to beings that possess the scientifically demonstrated ability to feel and experience pain. Animals unable to feel pain as a result of their physiology are exempt. LIMITS restrictions on interactions between people and animals in this resolution to include only all forms of domesticity, including farming and animal testing industries. Wild animals are exempt from this resolution as they are not a legal responsibility of owners. DEFINES unnecessary as able to be reasonably avoided; While some industry, such as the meat industry, or fur industry, require that an animal be killed in order to create a product, which will necessitate brief pain, it is considered unavoidable. Similarly, prolonging the death of an animal because it is more cost effective is avoidable, so long as an alternative is economically feasible for that nation. DEFINES pain and suffering as the unpleasant sensory experience associated with actual tissue damage and lasting unpleasant sensory experience as a result of prior tissue damage. Tissue damage inflicted under the supervision of a qualified veterinarian and with the use of anesthetics to reduce or eliminate pain is reasonable. DEFINES owners as any person who has purchased an animal or its descendants and/or has provided food or shelter or medical care to an animal on that person’s property for more than 31 days. PROVIDES animals with the right to safety, reasonable quality of life and freedom from torture through holding owners legally responsible by: PROHIBITING the infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering on any animal by any person either directly or remotely. ENCOURAGING that domestic animals kept outside of an individual’s living space be provided with an environment that as closely resembles its natural habitat as is possible; one example would be “free range.” REQUIRING that individuals or a group that possess legal rights under its nation’s law to an animal provide reasonable protection from harm by other animals and persons. FORBIDDING forms of entertainment that require or involve the infliction of pain or suffering on animals, ESTABLISHES the Protection of Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) that will meet annually at the WAHQ or another suitably neutral site to create and edit a list of feeling species protected under this legislation and determines whether an action is necessary or reasonable if national governments are unable to reach a decision. Voting ends in 3 days. Thoughts?
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