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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I just moved to the West Pacific to reside and hope I get to meet some new nations. My last region was Balder which didn't do much for me. I landed in West Pacific previously and helped out on Zombie Day as best as I could and was very fun, but moved on, and after awhile, I wanted to come back. I found it friendly here. I hope to help out in the region again. So, hello, hi, and everything.
  2. Just thought I'd post something here. Hi. and Meow!
  3. Hello! I am the leader of a brand new, tiny nation titled The Confederacy of Sentristria here in the West Pacific. I played NationStates years ago and had my own region but I just wasn't getting anything out of it, but the past couple years of red hot politics here in the United States brought back my enthusiasm for politics, and so here I am! I hope to maybe get involved in diplomacy and politics, as those are two topics I am particularly interested in. I also enjoy economics, writing, and music, so if anyone wants their own anthem, hit me up and I'll make you one for free https://www.nationstates.net/nation=sentristria
  4. Greetings, Fellow Nations. I am the leader of Ganaa. We are young, but powerful. We seek allies who wish to join us in our prosperity of safety, good economy, and low crime. We are willing to cooporate with those lesser or mightier than us, but be warned, we will not take invaders lightly. Prisoners are a rarity. We deal in corpses. Be not afraid, though. If you proove yourself useful to our causes, perhaps you'll be allowed an alliance.
  5. Greetings from The Most Serene Republic of Dduwies
  6. Drachmaland greets all the great buddy nations in TWP! Drachmaland has two colonies (puppet nations) that are also located in TWP: Obolos and Akanes. We use our colonies for mining ores and industrial minerals that help our economy. Since we don't have a Factbook yet, please let us share with you some information regarding our nation: Drachmaland gets its name from drachma, one of the most ancient units of currency in the world. Obolos is obol, another ancient unit of currency (and weight); six obols make one drachma. Akanés is a sweet similar to lokum, but flavored with fresh butter (instead of fruit essences). Drachmaland is the only Debtocracy in NationStates — a pun on debt & democracy, since the name of our country has to do with money. Our motto ("Molon labe!") is what Leonidas told the Persians when they asked him to surrender his debts weapons; it means "come and get 'em". I don't know whether we're supposed to post OOC/RL stuff here, but the guy behind Drachmaland is an aeronautical engineer in his mid-forties. If posting this is not acceptable, mods please feel free to delete it. Hope to see you around and have fun!
  7. I'm new to NS and created the nation of The Chinese Mainland yesterday. This looks like it's going to be interesting!
  8. I noticed that many new forum members around here introduce themselves when they first join, and I haven't done that yet, so... Hello! I represent the Democratic Co-Kingdom of Zogradia, a nation run by two kings with a fair hand (or two) in the middle of the Philippine Sea with an alright economy, but a strong spirit! I just wanted to say "hello" to all my neighbors*! *Neighbors was a metaphor, Zogradia is an island nation.
  9. Hello, fellow West Pacificans! So...I just started the Empire of Xarcan a few days ago for my U.S. Government class but I think it's really cool. I need some help on figuring out the forums, regions, WA, dossier, telegrams, and few other things. Any advice? Thank you, The Eternal, Diabolical, Amazing, Holy Emperor of Xarcan, which will someday RULE THE WEST PACIFIC!!! BWAHAHAHA! jk
  10. DELVINLAND! Im new to nation states and it would be nice to have a little run down of everything in the west pacific and maybe some tips on how to run my nation state! ps: Sorry for such a small topic don't forget im new so i could not think of anything else to add.
  11. I am the current leader of Molacia, a communist state where environmental issues and civil rights are thrown out to make way for the glory of equality. We believe in one, unified, strong, balanced machine which plays a driving force in the region. However, right now we are pretty weak. Please, feel free to give feedback, and Long Live the Molacian Federation!
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