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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, Rizorien here! You all may have been wondering about the recent talk of a "Ministry of Education..." What could that be? Well, as the Deputy Minister of Education, its my job to give you the heads up! Basically its a new department that aims to educate folks about the history, lore, and general info of TWP and NS that newer folks may not have heard about. Its part of a new initiative to get players more involved in the Region of the West Pacific. If you have any questions or would like to get invloved, contact me or the Minister, Dalimbar today! Also we have a Discord channel within the main one, the link is on the TWP homepage. Once youre there be sure to contact @Rizorien or @Dali for more details! See you there!!!
  2. I failed to announce the text this treaty to the Concillium sooner, my apologies. Following a couple months of discussions and negotiations with the assistance of the Council of the Imperium and The Guardians, I am pleased to present this ratified treaty between The West Pacific and our friends in Albion: Signed, 30th Day of October, 2013 All Good People, Delegate of The West Pacific
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