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Found 1 result

  1. The Mapplication™ Thread Apply within to join the world of Esferos, home of TWP Roleplay Current map version 1.19, updated 14 June 2024 Esferos Topographic Map | Biome Map | Tectonic Map | Wind & Sea Map Joining and staying on the map In order to join the map, you must follow these steps: Join and introduce yourself on the main TWP Discord server and the TWP Roleplay Discord server Read the Guide to TWP Roleplay & Esferos Lore Introduction Apply to become a member of the Hall of Nations Submit your Mapplication™ to this thread once you have applied. See below for Mapplication™ instructions. The map is updated on the 15th of every month—to stay on it you must remain active, which requires you to: Maintain your Hall of Nations membership—this includes making at least one post (new thread or reply) per month anywhere on the forums Engage in the Roleplay Discord at least once every three months Becoming inactive or leaving the region immediately forfeits your place on the map and in the canon unless you first talk with the Cartography Board. Inactive nations with significant contribution to the canon may become NPCs controlled by the Loremasters instead of being removed entirely. How to submit your Mapplication™ Mapplications™ must be submitted as a reply to this thread. Below, you will find the Mapplication™ form to paste into a reply and fill out. Submitting your Mapplication™ will begin a process where statistics and realism will be discussed with the Cartography Board. It is important to note that this process is not a negotiation—the community standards for realism will be met, but we encourage you to meet them creatively. If you have questions about specifics, or do not fit in a particular answer category, read the background material and explain where you may land on each of the Indices. Joining the TWP Roleplay Discord server is heavily encouraged for more involved help in this process. The name that appears on the map for your nation must be reasonably realistic—if the name you choose does not meet the canon standards, you will be notified by a member of the Cartography Board. Your map nation's name does not need to match your resident nation's name. You may request a premade area (outlined on the map in grey) or draw an area of your own. For continents that have numbered plots thus far, you may not draw your own plot. Pre-made plots are only combined in extreme circumstances. If you draw your own, please take a screenshot of the map and mark the territory you would like to request, like the example image provided in this section. Major cities and other features are also welcome, though we need exact city populations to place them on the map (this may be done later by submitting populations to the #cities channel on our Discord server). Please review the Esferos Topographic Map and Biome Map (linked above) to inform your nation's placement, as geographic features and environments will not be changed to suit your desires after placement. Bear in mind that if you decide to request an unreasonably large area, it will be pared down. The map is updated on the 15th of every month, and hotfixes are released to include new applicants at the end of each week. Mapplication™ format Copy and paste this form into your reply and fill it out. You can find a completed example below the Mapplication™. Resident nation: Discord name: Map nation name: A couple sentences about your nation: (original content, not NationStates stats) Map request as an image or plot number: (forum embed or Imgur link) 3-Letter Code: 2-Letter Code: Capital City: Government Type: The population of my nation is: Below average / Average / Above average The population density of my nation is: Below average / Average / Above average The GDP per capita of my nation is: Below average / Average / Above average Government Spending - Which statement best describes your nation? My nation provides moderate social programs, or a small selection of social programs. My nation has an extensive social safety net, or provides multiple programs like universal healthcare, welfare, and free tuition for its citizens My nation does not provide social programs beyond bare necessities and/or high school educations. My nation does not prioritize social spending, but engages in some large-scale government or public spending projects. My nation’s government spending is a vast majority of our GDP, such as having to coordinate our import-dependent economy. (this option is subject to Cartography Board approval) Military Indicator - Which statement best describes your nation? My nation has made a commitment to security, and maintains a moderately sized modern armed forces within our means. My nation has little incentive or political drive for military spending, but maintains a small-to-moderate modern armed forces. My nation has prioritized military spending at the expense of other key areas and may have been criticized for lack of freedom or human rights issues. My nation does not prioritize military spending due to other priorities, the belief we are safe, or we don’t have enough money left over to fund it. My nation is heavily embattled and we believe we face an existential threat. (this option is subject to Cartography Board approval) Any other inspirations or concepts you want to share: Mapplication™ example: Previous map versions: Join the Regional RP Discord server for additional help. Do not debate the merits of claims here.
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