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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, When I registered I did not show my discord account however I now have one and if someone could tell me what to do in regards of do I have to reapply etc. Thanks Bingsearching
  2. Hello, this is Imperial Shaustria! I was wondering how the map policy worked now, as I haven't tried too expand after I realized I wasn't on or active long enough too be selected. But now that it seems like there will be a new/different/modified map Policy, I am starting too get my hopes up. If anyone could give me some info that'd be great. Thanks! Sincerely, Imperial Shaustria
  3. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Board of Questions FAQ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here you will find answers to many common questions and links to more information than you wanted. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Common Questions: What is NationStates? Well...It's a nation simulation game where you respond to issues to mold your country and interact with the players and regions around you. Can I declare war on someone? No, this is not a war game. What region am I in? You're in The West Pacific! Commonly known as the Best Pacific, we have all that you could ever want in a region, so stick around and find out! Who and what is a Delegate? Our Delegate is Big Bad Badger. He is the leader of our region. What's the government like? The West Pacific (TWP) is a meritocracy. This means that if you work hard and show that you can do well, you will advance in rank. Our region is headed by the Delegate, who is assisted by his/her Guardians. The Delegate is free to choose their own Guardians and a successor at any time. We have a legislature called the Hall of Nations that is headed by a Speaker. There are multiple Ministries, including Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, WA Affairs, Military, and Recruitment and Citizenry. Some Ministers are elected and some are not, our "constitution" is viewable here. I like roleplay, do you have that? We sure do! We especially like pen and paper RPGs here in TWP, but we have a roleplay channel on our Discord server, a factbook encyclopedia, nation RP, and much more on our forums! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Information Links! Guides: Survival Guide to NationStates <-- This is one of the best guides out there. Official Game FAQ TWP Government: Manners of Governance Current members of government Endorsement Cap Code of Conduct RMB Etiquette Hall of Nations Internal Affairs Foreign Affairs WA Affairs Recruitment and Citizenry Board of Questions Dispatch The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF) NS Daily Issues TWP Stuff: TWP Forum TWP Discord TWP News and Information! (Foreign Affairs Updates, Newspaper, TWP Radio, TWPAF, and more!) Community Interest Survey (from your friends at Internal Affairs) Flags by Fujai Darkipedia, the Chocolatey Encyclopedia General NS Stuff: Acronyms List of NS Codes World Assembly: Security Council Guide General Assembly Guide -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm sure I missed tons of useful things, please send me a PM/TG so I can add things. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the Board of Questions! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here we have two goals: 1) Provide everyone with quality information. 2) [REDACTED] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's a few things you should know first: We will do our best to not simply answer your question, but to point you to the sources that contain the information you need so that you can find the answer yourself. Many questions can be answered this way, but not all of them. Also, there is an FAQ post in this forum that deals with some common questions pertaining to the game and TWP. This post also contains links to more information than you could possibly want. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now then, to utilize this service you must first read the FAQ, then you can: Make a post in this subforum with your question in the title. Send a telegram on NS to a member of the Board. Send a message on our forum to a member of the Board. Send a message on Discord to a member of the Board. Once you've done one of these things, a member of the Board will respond with an answer. Be aware, not all of us are awake or available at all hours, so it may take time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current members of the Board: Fujai - Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry and resident flag nerd -- Forum - Discord: Fujai#6074 Arthur - Assistant Minister of Recruitment and Citizenry and has too many connections -- Forum - Discord: Arthur K. Vasentius#9813 Drall - Sergeant at Arms and all around wise guy -- Forum - Discord: Drall#5345 Prole - Minister of Internal Affairs and really likes RPGs -- Forum - Discord: Prole Confederation#1966 Halo - Speaker of the Hall of Nations and way too involved -- Forum - Discord: Halo#7513 Drak - Minister of NS Daily Issues and recently risen from the dead -- Forum - Discord: Drachmaland#8355 Medio - TWP Guardian and proverbial Grumpy Old Sage -- Forum - Discord: Medio#1470 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Hello, fellow West Pacificans! So...I just started the Empire of Xarcan a few days ago for my U.S. Government class but I think it's really cool. I need some help on figuring out the forums, regions, WA, dossier, telegrams, and few other things. Any advice? Thank you, The Eternal, Diabolical, Amazing, Holy Emperor of Xarcan, which will someday RULE THE WEST PACIFIC!!! BWAHAHAHA! jk
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