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Found 1 result

  1. I have been pondering about the need for a new 'Minister' position for Daily Issues. There are always hew players arriving in TWP who continually try to talk about daily issues on our rmb and are basically told to "be quiet, we don't talk about such things here!" I have talked to Drachmaland who has a great interest and knowledge in this field of NS gameplay, and he has agreed to take on the role should the position be established. I provide below his cogent arguments, which echo my own feelings, on this matter: "I'd really love to assume said position, because I strongly believe it can be instrumental in increasing participation in the region from the part of the newer players. This approach is perfectly aligned with my own 'hierarchy of needs' in a GCR: by making new players able to discuss what's important to them (i.e., how to deal with daily issues) you increase retention (i.e., they stay in the region), connection (they like it here, because they get help) and participation (you can later bring them off-site, as well). Now, it is true that there are many places with content relating to NS Issues, yet (1) these places are partially outdated (it's difficult to find anything for most of the recent issues), (2) they're imprecise (they provide generic information that does not take into account the kind of nation that wants to see how it'll be affected), (3) they're impractical (i.e. easily confusing a new player), and (4) most new players will seek (and need) an in-region outlet for getting answers to their questions (and our having established that will help us become more attractive to newbies)." This matter really comes under the Deputy Advocate of Internal Affairs, however, at this time, this position is unfilled so I look to our present Advocate, PD, to take this matter further, or let others discuss as they think fit
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