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  1. I was expecting option 2 and 3 to give some scientific advancement but since you dont mention ill go for opt 1 Thank you
  2. The Worst Storm To Hit Liodor Since...Yesterday? The Issue After the eighth terrible super-storm to ravage Liodor this week, residents of the affected areas, your own advisers, and random people seeking shelter from the elements have gathered in Liodium to see whether anything can be done. 1) "I'm tired of these storms, MrID," sighs Roger Tan, who looks as though he's just been dragged through a tornado. "The winds of this last storm were over 300 kph! My house was blown away! Something must be done to prevent buildings from being destroyed. Maybe if the government made it mandatory for all buildings to pass a disaster safety test, it would solve all our problems." He plucks a bird's nest from his hair before continuing. "I'd be prepared to pay a little more in tax if I still had a roof to sleep under!" 2) "Did you see how many times my supposedly lightning-proofed house was struck by lightning this morning?" cries violently twitching government advisor Ariel Ruff, still smoking and smelling of static. "But when I was struck for the fifth time, I had something of a light bulb moment - literally. Why not create a way to turn the lightning strikes into energy for the city? Think about it for a moment: every time a bolt of lightning hits, we could harness the energy to charge the grid. Of course installing all those conductors is going to be horribly, horribly risky, but just think of the savings once they're in place!" 3) "Forget the wind and lightning, did you see the hail? It's the size of minivans!" screams Hillary Dodinas, her voice echoing out from her hiding place beneath your desk. "My house was flattened like a pancake! What we need is some sort of weather machine that can limit the destructive effects of these storms. Sure, it'll cost trillions of hynas in the first year alone and we'll have to divert funding from all other government departments to pay for it, but we could finally be safe." 4) "Never mind about the wind and the storms, they're merely a glimpse of our punishment to come!" exclaims Order of Violet cleric Zack al-Zahawi, waving a prophetic text in your face. "The Book of Violet says that after me shall come the flood! We must retreat to the ark and prepare to cleanse our souls!" "You're all panicking, when you should be seeing this for the great opportunity that it is!" suggests the ever cryptic Minister of Creative Solutions, Agnes Peters. "We could make Liodor the tourist capital of the world relating to bad weather phenomena. All we need is to set up some dangerous storm spots as sightseeing destinations and we could be rich! Maybe the temperature will actually get below -40 degrees soon so we can unveil our 'Freezing Experience' tour."
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