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  1. Hello The West Pacific! I am one of the ambassadors from Europeia, and I was recently asked by our Councillor of Foreign Affairs to introduce myself again, just so you can get to know another friendly face from another region! I've been in Europeia for just over one year now, but had visited NationStates on and off for years before then. I'm the current First Minister, handling the domestic affairs and ministries in our government, but most of my experience and history is as a writer, and as minister of communications - probably the main reason I have stayed so involved in NS, and Europeia in general. I can be a little bit shy at first, so haven't been as involved as I'd like as an ambassador or in foreign affairs roles, but I love seeing and reading all of the articles and information from your region and I do jump over here regularly enough to see what has happened, who's in an epic power struggle, or recently I confusedly asked the question on Discord about what the backstory behind marsupials is (which, as an Australian, I'm happy to know doesn't include dislike of the animal marsupials!) Otherwise, if you have any question about Europeia, me personally, or anything in general, I am very chatty once I warm up and love all sorts of conversation. I'll hopefully be investing a little bit more of myself here and on your Discord from time to time, as I really enjoy what TWP has to offer!
  2. Hi Gio! Fancy seeing you here! It's good to see a familiar flag
  3. Hello TWP! I'm a new ambassador from Europeia - I've met some of you through Europeia before already, but otherwise I'm excited to be here!
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