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  1. Sports5 Monday Morning

    Rugby Classics: 2nd Rugby World Cup Third Place Game
    United Adaikes vs. Kurabis

  2. 1423 AVL Invitational Group Stage Match Day 1 (Highlighted teams in yellow are UAAUA member schools) Group A Air Adaikes Hawks 16 25 25 18 14 San Lucas Realtors 25 18 21 25 16 Air Force Eagles 22 9 22 Panorama Chargers 25 25 25 Bank Adaikes Smashers 14 20 25 19 Faraday Rough Striders 25 25 20 25 The two university teams in this group started their AVL campaign by winning as the Chargers swept the Eagles, even holding them to a single-digit on the second set. The Rough Striders also won against the Smashers, with the Smashers only winning the fourth set. In the only all-AVL matchup for this match day in this group, the Hawks already won their match's second and third sets when the Realtors rallied to take the fourth set to force a deciding set which they also won. Group B Adaikes Coffee Ravens 24 28 13 12 UA Airlines Falcons 26 26 25 25 AMeSCo Medics 27 25 17 25 Navy Sea Lions 25 21 25 19 Eastview Infernos 22 25 25 25 Golden Sierra Griffins 25 14 20 22 All matches ended in four sets in this group for this match day. In one of the two all-UAAUA matchups on this match day, the Griffins took the first set, 25-22. However, the Infernos showed who kept the fire burning as they swept the remaining sets, 25-14, 25-20, 25-22. In the Medics-Sea Lions match, the Medics gave up the third set despite being two sets ahead before taking the match by winning the fourth set, 25-19. The Ravens and the Falcons also played in this round, with the Falcons winning this match, losing only the second set to the Ravens. Group C A1 Cargo Movers 25 25 20 23 13 West Bridge Reds 9 22 25 25 15 Coast Guard Sharks 27 26 15 22 United Adaikes Oil Drillers 29 24 25 25 Pinewood Bullets 22 22 19 Red Horse Power 25 25 25 The Cargo Movers started strong in their match against the Reds, even holding them to a single digit in the first set and taking the second set. However, the student-athletes from West Bridge University rallied to take the win. The Oil Drillers and the Sharks exchanged attacks in the first two sets, with both teams taking one set apiece; the Oil Drillers took the remaining sets to win the match. Lastly, the Power swept the Bullets, 25-22, 25-22, 25-19. Group D Army Troopers 25 25 29 20 11 UAMA Generals 23 23 31 25 15 Elk Valley Grizzlies 25 19 15 25 16 Oakwood Pirates 21 25 25 15 18 Greater Heights Hitters 23 23 23 La Mujer Spikers 25 25 25 All matches for the first match day in this group ended in close games. However, the Spikers-Hitters match ended only in three sets, with only a two-point difference in each set. In another all-UAAUA match on this match day between the Grizzlies and the Pirates, the last set went over fifteen points for the two teams, ending at 16-18, with the Pirates winning. Lastly, the Troopers already had a 2-set lead when the military cadet-athletes from the United Adaikes Military Academy rallied to win the match, with the third set ending at 29-31.
  3. The IC thread of the Esferos F1 World Championships is now up! See them at: Also, come May 21, I would greatly appreciate it if any decision from your drivers, teams, engine, and tire manufacturers should be highlighted in the text and should be repeated at the start or end as like a tl;dr (whichever you like) of your post so that I can easily see the decisions in the whole bunch of text (which is a separate thing, as I rate them for RP bonuses).
  4. Logan Gibb, the Director of Public Relations of CopperUA, heard a notification ping from his office computer when he reviewed the Marketing Plan made by his team for the CopperUA-backed driver Aaron Deering. 'Congratulations!' the first line read. Gibb beamed upon reading it. 'We are glad to inform you that your submission for application for a license to have a team in the F1 World Championships has been granted! Please see the attached document you need to fill out for the necessary details for your license and send it back to us.' However, not this paragraph erased the smile off his face. 'However, we regret to inform you that the engine you submitted did not qualify for the shortlisted and approved engines to be used for the F1 season. But this does not mean it's the end for your engine. You can submit your application again for the next season.' 'Drat, what a large amount of Florins to waste,' Gibb thought, 'it's not that we can always use these engines in our day-to-day--' He smiled again, pressed a button on his desk phone, and rhythmically tapped his fingers from his left hand on his table while waiting for someone's response. "Yes, Mr. Gibb?" a female voice answered from his desk phone. "Jamie, call Tempest [Hunter] from Engineering. I need to talk to him," Gibb replied. "Yes, Mr. Gibb," Jamie Giffard, Gibb's Executive Assistant, replied. "Oh, and call and tell Aaron to meet me here at the office this afternoon," Gibb added and pressed another button to hang up. He doesn't need Giffard to tell her again, "Yes, boss," or anything. But he knew Giffard would do whatever he tells her to do related to their work.
  5. Introduce your drivers, teams, engines, and tires. Drivers, show why you need to be signed by these teams. Engine and tire manufacturers, impress teams with your products to ensure they use them in their race cars. Teams, sign your drivers and decide which engine and tire to use. Only signed drivers with teams who have already chosen their engine and tire will be allowed to race in the Pre-Season Tests (non-points races). Signing drivers and choosing an engine and tire manufacturer should start by May 21, 2022, at 12:00 AM ET. Roleplaying for the Pre-Season of the Esferos F1 World Championships starts now!
  6. The day has come! It's the Esferos F1 World Championships! But before everything else... Please do not post in this thread if you are not a participant. Also, no OOC posts, please. There will be two (2) parts in the Esferos F1 World Championships. The first part will be the Pre-Season, which will run from May 21 to June 24, 2023. At this time, participants should introduce their drivers, teams, engines, and tires. Drivers should be hired by teams by the time the Season starts, or else they will not be present during the Season. All 13 teams signing up were granted a license to participate in the F1 World Championships. However, if a team does not have drivers when the F1 Season starts, then their license for the World Championships will be revoked. It is also important to note that only five (5) engines and five (5) tires that were granted licenses to be official suppliers for teams in the F1 Season. All 15 circuits signed up will be used for the whole duration of the World Championships, with 13 of them being in the F1 Season calendar. Teams Info: Team Name NAT R A T Engine R A T Tire R T ## Driver Name NAT R A T AA Petroner F1 Team ARF 4.20 4.00 3.80 Cambrias KCM 3.70 3.70 4.60 CopperUA UAD 4.00 3.00 5.00 Didatsunadalenvdayvwi Motors ZOR 3.50 4.50 4.00 Eckhard-Walter Racing RSY 4.00 5.00 3.00 Epsylon Fira Racing Team URF 5.00 4.00 3.00 Eriunius Racing TRL 4.00 5.00 3.00 Golden Straits Racing AKR 4.00 5.00 3.00 Lampadati Blue-Horse Racing LXA 4.00 4.00 4.00 Las Lavandas GIO 5.00 3.50 3.50 Racing Team Regalia Genesis HEJ 4.00 3.00 5.00 Talde Lantza HZR 5.00 2.00 5.00 The Saint Mark Vola Aurum SMK 4.00 3.00 5.00 Official engine suppliers: Engine Manufacturer Name (if different) NAT R A T Lampadati Auto LampadatiGP LXA 0.20 -0.50 0.30 Eckhard-Walter U-77 RSY 0.10 -0.50 0.40 Quintana-Urbolina Velite 1420 GIO 0.20 0.20 -0.40 Viktoria-RKO Viktoria-RKO F1 M2x0 E Performance KCM -0.30 -0.30 0.60 Erunius Y2J HITC TRL -0.30 -0.20 0.50 Official tire suppliers: Tire Manufacturer Name (if different) NAT R T Eclipse HEJ 0.30 -0.30 Fenris Fenris NWO Stinger TRL -0.20 0.20 Giovagoma GIO -0.30 0.30 Kontinentaalne AS Konti DX Zero KCM -0.40 0.40 Virelli LXA -0.40 0.40 F1 Season Calendar Round Grand Prix/Event Circuit NAT Date Pre-Season Test # 1 Polaris Test Event Loona Autodroom KCM June 10 Test # 2 Aura Test Event Kirkone Amorante GIO June 17 Test # 3 Andolia Test Event Autodromo Nacional de La Marina LXA June 24 Regular Season 1 Larxian Grand Prix Autódromo Internacional de Larxia LXA June 30-July 2 2 Banda Bahuru Grand Prix Sultan Arif Mahmud Shah International Circuit ARF July 28-30 3 Hezur Grand Prix Gazteluko Eraztuna HZR August 25-27 4 Teralyon Grand Prix Terajeva Super Speedway TRL September 22-24 5 Grosser Pres vo Fauthur Heppenfelde National High Speed Circuit URF October 6-8 6 The Austra Grand Prix The Lux Litore Circuit SMK October 20-22 7 The Aukeran Grand Prix Saint Khela's Circuit AKR November 17-19 8 Cambrian Grand Prix Aventa International KCM December 15-17 9 BiBi Gran Prì de Rivalfiume Circuito Alfieri RIV January 12-14 10 Magnopremo de Porto Violeto Kirkone de la Arara GIO January 26-28 11 Die Präis Kirchfield International Circuit RSY February 9-11 12 Adaikesian Grand Prix Steskia International Circuit UAD March 8-10 13 The Hertfordshire-Jammbo Grand Prix Sleetgrave Cemetery Circuit HEJ April 5-7 You can always ask your questions in the #esferos-f1 channel in our TWP RP Discord server or in the OOC thread:
  7. 1423 AVL Invitational Group Draw Group A Group B Group C Group D Air Adaikes Hawks Adaikes Coffee Ravens A1 Cargo Movers Army Troopers Air Force Eagles AMeSCo Medics Coast Guard Sharks Elk Valley Grizzlies* Bank Adaikes Smashers Eastview Infernos* Pinewood Bullets* Greater Heights Hitters Faraday Rough Striders* Golden Sierra Griffins* Red Horse Power La Mujer Spikers Panorama Chargers* Navy Sea Lions United Adaikes Oil Drillers Oakwood Pirates* San Lucas Realtors UA Airlines Falcons West Bridge Reds* UAMA Generals Teams with asterisks are UAAUA member universities.
  8. 1423 AVL Invitational As mentioned above, the 16 teams of the AVL are joined by the top eight (8) teams from the 1423 UAAUA Volleyball Championships. With a total of 24 teams, they are divided into four (4) groups. There should be no more than two (2) university teams in one (1) group. They play a double round-robin with the teams in their group before the top four (4) teams in each group advance to a final double-elimination stage to determine the winner of the AVL Invitational. Top Eight (8) Teams from the 1423 UAAUA Volleyball Championships: Golden Sierra Griffins Faraday Rough Striders Panorama Chargers West Bridge Reds Elk Valley Grizzlies Pinewood Bullets Oakwood Pirates Eastview Infernos
  9. The 16 Teams of the Adaikes Volleyball League Team Moniker Short Team Name A1 Logistics Cargo Movers A1 Cargo Movers Adaikes Coffee Ravens Adaikes Coffee Ravens Air Adaikes Hawks Air Adaikes Hawks Air Force of the United Adaikes Eagles Air Force Eagles AMeSCo (Allied Medical Supplies Company) Medics AMeSCo Medics Army of the United Adaikes Troopers Army Troopers Bank Adaikes Smashers Bank Adaikes Smashers Coast Guard of the United Adaikes Sharks Coast Guard Sharks Greater Heights Telecom Hitters Greater Heights Hitters La Mujer Whiskey Spikers La Mujer Spikers Navy of the United Adaikes Sea Lions Navy Sea Lions Red Horse Beer Power Red Horse Power San Lucas Realty & Development Realtors San Lucas Realtors United Adaikes Airlines Falcons UA Airlines Falcons United Adaikes Oil Company Drillers United Adaikes Oil Drillers United Adaikes Military Academy Generals UAMA Generals (team information, like logo, staff, roster, and others, will be added at a later time)
  10. Adaikes Volleyball League The United Adaikes National Volleyball Federation organized a professional volleyball league in the United Adaikes, the Adaikes Volleyball League (AVL). It has 16 teams coming from private companies, branches of the military of the country, as well as its military academy (which is not a member of the UAAUA). President, United Adaikes National Volleyball Federation: Becka Reynolds Commissioner, Adaikes Volleyball League: Amado Tupper It has two tournaments in one season. The first one, the AVL Invitational, after the UAAUA Volleyball Championship, invites the top eight (8) member universities of UAAUA Volleyball. With a total of 24 teams, they are divided into four (4) groups. There should be no more than two (2) university teams in one (1) group. They play a double round-robin with the teams in their group before the top four (4) teams in each group advance to a final double-elimination stage to determine the winner of the AVL Invitational. When the UAAUA Volleyball season is ongoing, the AVL plays the AVL Grand Prix, with only the 16 teams vying for volleyball supremacy in the United Adaikes. All 16 teams play each other twice, with the top 12 teams advancing to a final double-elimination stage to determine the winner of the AVL Grand Prix. During Group Stage, when a team wins a match 3-0 or 3-1, the winner takes 3 points, while the loser takes 0 points. When a team wins a match 3-2, the winner takes 2 points, while the loser takes 1 point. To break ties in tables, the procedure is as follows: a. Number of matches won b. Match points won c. Sets ratio d. Points ratio e. Head-to-head result
  11. 1423 UAAUA Volleyball Championships Final Stage Championship Game (played at 10 AM local time) Faraday Rough Striders 21 28 23 Golden Sierra Griffins 25 30 25 Golden Sierra Griffins (WMI) forced a Do-or-Die Championship Game by 8 PM local time. Do-or-Die Championship Game Golden Sierra Griffins 23 25 25 25 Faraday Rough Striders 25 13 20 19 1423 UAAUA Volleyball Championships Gold Medalist: Golden Sierra Griffins (WMI) Silver Medalist: Faraday Rough Striders (LUD) Bronze Medalist: Panorama Chargers (SAY)
  12. 1423 UAAUA Volleyball Championships Final Stage Losers' Bracket Round 4 Golden Sierra Griffins 15 25 17 25 18 Panorama Chargers 25 19 25 20 16 Panorama Chargers (SAY) are the Bronze Medalists. Golden Sierra Griffins (WMI) plays the Faraday Rough Striders (LUD) in the Championship Game. Championship Game Faraday Rough Striders (LUD) vs. Golden Sierra Griffins (WMI) Griffins needs to win twice to win the Gold Medal. The loser takes the Silver Medal.
  13. 1423 UAAUA Volleyball Championships Group Stage Group Finals Group 1 Golden Sierra Griffins 25 25 25 20 15 West Bridge Reds 19 27 22 25 8 Group 2 Elk Valley Grizzlies 21 25 25 22 15 Eastview Infernos 25 21 21 25 11 Group 3 Faraday Rough Striders 22 22 32 25 15 Pinewood Bullets 25 25 30 22 8 Group 4 Panorama Chargers 17 23 19 Oakwood Pirates 25 25 25 Oakwood Pirates need to beat Panorama Chargers twice to win the group. Group Finals Do-or-die Game Oakwood Pirates 22 8 25 25 12 Panorama Chargers 25 25 23 21 15 Final Stage (played in Multi-purpose Indoor Sports Coliseum, New Thraproy Sports Complex, Sportstown, Steskia, Thraproy) Losers' Bracket Round 1 Matchups West Bridge Reds (EMI) vs. Eastview Infernos (SAY) Pinewood Bullets (ADA) vs. Oakwood Pirates (LUD) Winners' Bracket Round 1/Semi-Finals Matchups Golden Sierra Griffins (WMI) vs. Elk Valley Grizzlies (ADA) Faraday Rough Striders (LUD) vs. Panorama Chargers (SAY)
  14. Signups and OOC Thread There's already a lot of talk about doing an F1-like competition for Esferos. But while I open this signup and OOC thread, this gives me a gauge of how many people actually want to do it and provides an initial baseline of the number of users willing to RP until the end of the season/calendar of this competition. This competition (emphasis on the word I used, "competition," rather than "tournament") will be different from the usual because this will not happen and will end in just one (1) month. I am currently looking at the season/calendar for this competition will roughly be eight (8) months, depending on the number of signups. However, we will only utilize a maximum of one week per event per month to minimize RP-writing burnouts. A race weekend will start on a Friday with practice, with qualifyings happening on Saturday, and the competitive race on Sunday. For roleplays in the season, I will allow as much as one (1) week before the start of the practice for RPs to be posted. Cut-offs will happen three times in a race weekend, one before scorinating the results of the practice (receiving a maximum of one (1) point), one before scorinating the results of the qualifying (receiving a maximum of one (1) point), and one before scorinating the results of the race (receiving a maximum of one (1) point), for a total of three (3) points from RPing for the whole weekend. A season-wide RP bonus will also be given for teams and drivers RPing on the signing of a driver for the team (receiving a maximum of one (1) point), the teams and engine manufacturers coming to terms on which engine to use (receiving a maximum of one (1) point), and the teams and tire manufacturers coming to terms which tire to use (receiving a maximum of one (1) point). If no RP is posted but only announced in this OOC thread, there will only be 0.1 points for each decision made by a team. A team is allowed to have a maximum of two (2) drivers. Multiple signups will happen in this thread, of which the IC thread will be posted after many signups are posted. The IC thread will start with the pre-season, for teams deciding to roleplay which driver to sign and which engine and tire to use. However, the Team, Engine, and Tire Signups will only be reserved for Veteran Storytellers (subject to change with the agreement between Loremasters and Lorekeepers). All Storytellers will be able to signup a driver and circuit (circuit signups are subject to scrutiny by Loremasters for realism), with Veteran Storytellers being able to signup a maximum of two (2) drivers for this competition. I will only select 3-4 tire suppliers, with no limit to the number of approved engine suppliers. This season, we will use The Racing Scorinator (TRS) v2.5.6, the standard Motorsports / Auto Racing RP scorinator of NS Sport. Again, no double-posting (except for me to submit my signups)! You can always edit your post to include any necessary edits that you need to your post. Driver Signups (All drivers will be free agents at the start of the pre-season until signed by a team.) Circuit Signups Team Signups Engine Signups Tire Signups Received Signups Driver Signups Circuit Signups Team Signups Engine Signups Tire Signups
  15. The University Athletic Association of the United Adaikes (UAAUA) is a nonprofit athletic association for all universities nationwide. It organizes collegiate sports competitions and sets general athletic policies for all universities in the United Adaikes. Executive Director, UAAUA: Monroe Barros Director for Operations, UAAUA: Teddie Atwater It has regional arms that directly manage the athletic competitions in the eight (8) regions in the United Adaikes: -Adaikes University Athletic Association (AUAA, in Adaikes, the national capital region) -East Mille-mer University Athletic Association (EMUAA, in East Mille-mer) -Ludsport University Athletic Association (LUAA, in Ludsport) -Ngadabrigg University Athletic Association (NUAA, in Ngadabrigg) -Saymacrell University Athletic Association (SUAA, in Saymacrell) -Thraproy University Athletic Association (ThrUAA, in Thraproy, the designated sports region in the country, where the headquarters of the UAAUA is situated) -Thurhope University Athletic Association (ThUAA, in Thurhope) -West Mille-mer University Athletic Association (WMUAA, in West Mille-mer) Membership of universities is in three categories: -Permanent (the top eight universities in the eight regions of the country selected by the regional UAAs that have a significant history of success in their regions) -Full-time (non-permanent member universities that have sustained at least four team athletic programs and four individual athletic programs) -Associate (non-full-time member universities) The 64 permanent member universities of the UAAUA: Adaikes (ADA) Elk Valley East Mille-mer (EMI) Darwin Ludsport (LUD) Faraday Ngadabrigg (NGA) Blue River Forest Lake East Bridge Greenlands Green Valley Maple Hills Maple Leaf Laguna Bay Hillview Pinewood Mountainview Marble Hills Monarch Seacoast Oak Groove Oakleaf Northride Somerset Oceanside Oakwood Paramount Spring Hill Sunshine River Valley Waterford Willow West Bridge Willow Creek Woodcreek Saymacrell (SAY) Deer Valley Thraproy (THR) Apple Valley Thurhope (THU) Big Valley West Mille-mer (WMI) Clearwater Eastview Big Pine Evergreen Golden Oak Lakewood Elk Creek Granite Hills Golden Sierra Little Valley Foothill Palm Valley Grapevine Ocean View Pleasant Valley Paradise Mountain Oak Panorama Silver Creek Ravenwood Saint Helena Silverleaf Springfield Redwood Sunny Hills Summerfield Westside Trinity Wildwood During the formalization of the acceptance of the United Adaikes Sports Commission as the premier collegiate sports association for the United Adaikes, the UAAUA created a fixed tournament bracket for events that need bracketing that is to be used during the inaugural sports competitions.
  16. That three (3) days went by so fast and it's already six (6) days since the 2nd poll. 😅 Well, nothing to do but get on with it! Next question! Would you rather buy gifts or make homemade gifts?
  17. For the next three (3) days, we will be asking another question. Would you rather get 10 smaller gifts or one big one? Thinking of something else? Have better thoughts? Comment down below!
  18. It's that time of the year again! It's The Wassailing Pacific's Midwinter Shenanigans! We have many activities in store this whole month! One is to ask you would you rather! For the first Would You Rather question, what Christmas lights would you rather string? If you are thinking of something else, comment down below! For me, I'd rather have colorful Christmas lights, most especially TWP colors and the colors of my flag!
  19. You already are. See the status below your name.
  20. Hey! I'd rather be in a deserted island. How about you? Drop your comments below!
  21. We continue!! Well, for me, this is hard. I learned speaking Korean and playing drums and guitar without no one else teaching me. I'd go for all languages!
  22. Welcome to the TWP Forums! We're glad that you found us here! Here is the link for the embassy thread for the United Kingdom: Enjoy your stay!
  23. Fourth week! You choose! I like history, so I'd choose to go back in time. How about you? Share your thoughts!
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