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The Ministry of Internal Affairs is seeking a dedicated, fun-loving individual to help design and host a series of game nights and regional events. This is a Deputy Minister position.

RMB and Discord activity is required, Hall of Nations recommended

You will be expected to host a Discord Game Voice Chat (trivia, Scrabble, spades/hearts, etc.) once per week;

You will be expected to assist in creation and development of Regional Poll Story Arcs and Multi-Regional Scavenger Hunts as needed.

Apply below by linking your TWP nation, Discord name, and listing relevant experience. 

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I'd like to apply for this.

You know who I am on discord :P

I helped to run the RP for the now probably defunct Vanguard Treaty, during my tenure as SC of the USSD. I generally play a lot of games, am often available late on at least a couple of nights a week, and used to take part in Exodus trivia nights back when that was still a relevant place.

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