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Bhang Bhang Duc

Role of the Minister for World Assembly Affairs

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Role of TWP's Minister for WA Affairs

  1. Post copies of resolutions queued or at vote in the appropriate TWP forum
  2. Maintain the status of resolutions (IN QUEUE, AT VOTE, PASSED, FAILED and more rarely PULLED/DISCARDED) in threads
  3. Supply a commentary on the resolutions (is it good, bad or meh) and reasons why
  4. Recommend a vote to the Delegate and the TWP forum members (For, Against or follow the majority vote of TWP WA nations)
  5. If a resolution should be strongly supported or strongly opposed the Minister is to telegram the Delegate asking them to cast their vote appropriately as soon as possible after the resolution comes to vote
  6. If the Minister writes a GA/SC proposal that they enter into the queue then they should not request approval of their proposal from the Delegate
  7. Likewise if said proposal reaches quorum then they should recuse themselves from comment in the forum thread on the proposal's merits and not request support from forum members and the Delegate


The Minister should have experience in either the GA or SC and should have a working knowledge of the rules of one of those bodies.  It would be nice to have experience in both, but it is unusual to find someone operating in both areas due to their very different natures and rules.

Please post your comments below - I will work any changes into the role description as appropriate.

Edited by Bhang Bhang Duc
Changed a couple of terms to gender neutral.

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