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  1. Thailand is always being couped though.
  2. RIP, exalted Chairman of the People's Republic.
  3. I'm also having some Wintreath based déjà vu. Welcome to TWP. West is Best!
  4. I was actually quite amused by this. *takes note of AGP's subtle pining for a C/C*
  5. Abolish traffic lights and zebra crossings I say. Watch the mean global IQ steadily rise.
  6. That's a weird idea of retirement you've got going there PD.
  7. We could do Karaoke in the bunkers. But only on Fridays.
  8. Westwind has dismissed the possibility of different forum skins in the past, because non-neutral skins are inherently advantageous to certain Governments. And because TWP recognises all off-site Governments as legitimate, this would be inherently harmful to the region.
  9. I agree. Jolly Ol' Saint Nick for the refound!
  10. Good to hear about TNP's fortunes, and Venico's wise decision to foil Sythia's plot.
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