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  1. I, Innislynn, swear that I have, to the best of my knowledge, been completely truthful in applying for citizenship in The West Pacific and that I have no other NationStates identity that has not been made known in this application. I swear my allegiance to The West Pacific and its citizens, and I swear not to engage in hostilities against The West Pacific or to violate The Manners of Governance, the constitution of The West Pacific, or any laws made pursuant to that constitution.
  2. this has become far more flashy and complex since i last played many years ago. so, I have founded The Constitutional Monarchy of Innislynn really to see where it goes this time. (i was there so long it got rather repetative) in meatscape life i'm a live-in carer for someone, avid gamer and historical re-enactor. depending on with group i'm with vikingr, yeoman archer, and medieval heavy infantry. (unfortuantely during season i may vanish for a few days at a time being camped out in some field somewhere)
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