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  1. Thank you! I did want to know what to get involved in but Davelands answered that question!
  2. Hey! I have been browsing the forums and I see there is a lot to do in TWP! What is the best thing to get involved in? I can't decide!
  3. Lol... Another Cleveland resident... Well I would call myself a Clevelander and a single father looking over his son since his mom died. You on the other hand is a Clevelander who is apart of the administration team... I respect my Admins...
  4. Thanks... My kid was born a year after we moved to Georgia so he is 17 right now.... He will be 18 in... At the end of August and it is indeed hard raising a kid alone And June was the only girlfriend I had before her death... And i lived in Georgia for 14 years before moving to Ohio But I am sure I will enjoy my time here... I am opened up to the future
  5. A NS player born in 1974 In Louisiana and the former boyfriend of my fiancé June in 1994... In 1997 June had the idea to move to Georgia and stay together and I agreed. In 1999 we moved to Georgia and had a kid but we loved in a small house.... In 2000 we moved to a bigger house in the same city and we bought it meaning I didn't have to have a landlord but in 2004 June Developed Mental and Physical Health Problems and started to vomit and constantly went to the doctors but that resolved in 2 weeks.. However in December 2005 she started to have trouble breathing and she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection in her right lung that soon spread to her left one and she died In Mid January 2006 at the hospital from complications related to the infection everything was looking up tho and in 2013 I moved to my current Residential city Cleveland... I moved with the help of a moving company and moved there by plane... Facts: Enjoy Video games, Listening to Rock and I used to love Heavy Metal but I don't as Much anymore... I also Loved prince but he passed away in 2016 but I also like never liked politics but decided to give NS a try.
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