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The People's Republic of K66

The bombing of People’s 16 harbor

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On the evening of February 21, 17:12, The K66 were still at war with the Marine Tribe who had been targeting their Harbor But this attack was an historical event. “GUYS QUICK GET THE RIFLES!” yelled Captain Jordan “MARINE PLANES!” Shouted the other crew mates as they quickly got their rifles and shot the bombers. As The injured NNS Gallos carried 20 crew mates and had heavy guns on the deck was about to sank when Captain Jordan grabbed an Heavy machine gun and shot The DMM Venom and shot it down. The NNS Gallos was saved! The battle cruiser had Almost sank. The Wave one was over! The k66 had successfully defended the harbor. A hour later the k66 was finally ready to defend the harbor as 2000 mens had carried Explosives and The team brought an Tank. The second round was on! “FIREEEEEE!” Yelled Captain Katsuky “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Yelled the soldiers and crew mates. Tank fired and gun Fired Cannons Fired bombs exploded. One hour later it was clear the K66 Won an massive Victory! “HORRAY!” Yelled the soldiers and the Crews. Over night they were awarded for being an hero Everyone got an good ending(Except the k66 Government who needed oil). 
results:2 battlecruiser down, 3 injured, 1 fine. 600 people died.

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