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    Hello The West Pacific! I am one of the ambassadors from Europeia, and I was recently asked by our Councillor of Foreign Affairs to introduce myself again, just so you can get to know another friendly face from another region! I've been in Europeia for just over one year now, but had visited NationStates on and off for years before then. I'm the current First Minister, handling the domestic affairs and ministries in our government, but most of my experience and history is as a writer, and as minister of communications - probably the main reason I have stayed so involved in NS, and Europeia in general. I can be a little bit shy at first, so haven't been as involved as I'd like as an ambassador or in foreign affairs roles, but I love seeing and reading all of the articles and information from your region and I do jump over here regularly enough to see what has happened, who's in an epic power struggle, or recently I confusedly asked the question on Discord about what the backstory behind marsupials is (which, as an Australian, I'm happy to know doesn't include dislike of the animal marsupials!) Otherwise, if you have any question about Europeia, me personally, or anything in general, I am very chatty once I warm up and love all sorts of conversation. I'll hopefully be investing a little bit more of myself here and on your Discord from time to time, as I really enjoy what TWP has to offer!
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    Hey Ist! Great to see you here, as the TWP ambassador to Europeia (and a citizen in both regions), and also great that you'll be more active here. Feel free to ask anything about our region too!
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    Les Claypool

    The Personalities of TWP

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    Do you like creative writing? Would you like your writing to be considered for publication in The West Pacifican? Consider submitting to the Writers' Corner. The Writers' Corner is a feature I started in the May issue to showcase the creative writing of our region and to further build our culture of participation and creativity. We will happily consider any form of creative writing: short essays, short stories, poems, RP-based writing. Please use this Google form to submit writings: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdeVyKlr-RPmepyu3Nlkh5la-pxZod_MW5yGWoAhxGOFT91JA/viewform Parameters:1. For short stories or essays, 400 - 900 words.2. For poetry, maximum of two (2) poems for most styles and maximum of four (4) haiku will be considered per issue, not to exceed 500 words.3. Please re-use this form for every submission. Note that while there is no limit to submissions, our goal is to publish as many authors in TWP as possible.4. Depending on volume of submissions, we will aim to notify you of selection for publication two weeks before The West Pacifican goes to print. The West Pacifican is published on the first Friday of each month. We the staff will also consider publishing accepted submissions on our offsite forum: https://www.westpacific.org/forums/index.php?/forum/60-the-west-pacifican/5. No NSFW language or concepts. Writing should be thoughtful and tasteful out of respect to our diverse range of players and perspectives. We endorse and adhere to the Protecting our Players Accord. It is recommended that you complete your writing in Microsoft Word, then copy/paste into the form to avoid losing your work. For any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me on Discord at Fuentana#3423.
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    Here's a prompt if it helps: Where or how are you finding meaning during this crisis? Writings may deploy poetry or prose in response. As you ponder the question consider some of the following: Persons: what have friends, family members, strangers said or done to render care and support? Have you read about or learned about any heroic figures in your local community or beyond? Places: is there a special space in your home or neighborhood (if safe) that you've turned to? Practices: are there any daily rituals or regular practices that have helped you? This can range from cooking to watching The Office to prayer or meditation to art.
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    Eleftherios venizelos

    The Personalities of TWP

    I got ISFP-T The Adventurer...I didn't expect that
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