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[GA Draft] Counter Terrorism Funding

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Counter-Terrorism Funding

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security | Strength: Strong | Proposed by: Kawaii Schoolgirl

Proposed by: Kawaii Schoolgirl

Declaring the world in a state of emergency against the increasing threat of terrorism,
Exclaiming the need for increased funding in the police and militaries of the nations in this international body,
Noting the importance of funding for the purposes of increased manpower, weapon production, and other means to fight terror,

Mandates that:
1) Invasion of foreign nations may be conducted in the name of counter-terrorism if hard evidence suggests the nation is involved.
2) No people or persons may use this fund for the purposes of expansionism; it may only be used for counter-terrorism efforts. 
3) Violent groups seeking to subvert a nation's governing body should be considered terrorists.
4) Any attempts or acts of aggression from foreign nations should be labeled as acts of terrorism.
5) Denizens of nations who are believed to be in cahoots with any terrorist group should be placed into federal custody.
6) Establishment of a task-force within one's nation must be a top priority.
7) Resources allocated from this fund must be related to use in effective counter-terrorism efforts.

Hereby grants funding to nations for the purpose of counter-terrorism

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