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Endorsement Cap Changes

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Starting immediately, I am making the following change to the Endorsement Caps.
The endo caps will be lowered from 10/125 to 10/100.

Badger put in the 125 cap last year with the understanding that he would consistently have over 500 endorsements (a 4-1 ratio). For the last few months he had dropped below 450 and was in the 420s when he resigned. I am currently at 411 endorsements. This is not because of any lack of nations endorsing the Delegate. In fact, my endorsement percentage is the second highest among GCRs (thank you all for that). Where we are lacking in is the total number of WA nations.

Nations currently in the 125-100 range will have until the end of the month to get below the 100 endorsement number. This should be enough time for natural attrition to lower your count. Just don't endorse and it should happen with minimal effort on your part.

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