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Found 4 results

  1. [First Draft Under Spoiler] --------- [[REVISED] Proposal Draft [General Assembly]]: --------- Nations and Delegates of the World Assembly: Wishing to expand on the benefits provided by the establishment of a centralized database texts and literary works into the field of medicine; Therefore, Hereby: Establishes & constructs a World Assembly Consolidated Medicinal Database(WACMD), with the purpose of: -Collecting medicinal knowledge possessed by the nations and appropriately educated of the World Assembly, -Archiving historical and present medicinal discoveries and knowledge in a centralized digital database, accessible by all (for the most part), -Serving as a centralized nexus for submission of medical research and development of new knowledge, -Providing access of such information to the nations of the World Assembly, and ensuring the preservation of aforementioned medical knowledge, -Providing administrative functions to regional research and healthcare centers in the form of funding and eduction, -Establishing an online database for all collected and archived medical knowledge, -Providing access to archived knowledge for educational purposes; Encourages that the nations of the World Assembly contribute all [non-extremely-sensitive] existing medical knowledge to the WACMD database; Encourages all nations of the World Assembly to pass legislation with the purpose of preserving existing and developing new medical knowledge and methods of treatment, and expanding national healthcare and research spheres; Provides funding and education to government and private entities of the World Assembly for above purposes; Encourages that all nations of the World assembly unable to provide affordable healthcare for their citizens accept the assistance of the World Assembly in developing a capable form of such service, if in applicable governmental status and with appropriate confirmation of services; Mandates for the fulfillment of these purposes, for the WACMDRC to undertake the: - Archiving and iteration upon contributed medical knowledge, - Integrating new received knowledge into international standards of medical care and treatment, - Providing relevant collected knowledge to the pharmaceutical industry, in whatever form it may take, - Ensuring the cooperation of the pharmaceutical industry [where applicable] in the careful study and analysis of new treatments and procedures, - Dedicating effort, time, and manpower to particular areas of medicinal research, with sufficient funding, at reasonable request of donators, - Establishment of a reasonable and fair program for investment and funding for the maintenance of such a database, - Establishment of a WA committee for the oversight of funding and education for the purpose of developing healthcare and research spheres in applicable countries; Mandates that WACMD establish aforementioned program and division to oversee: - Ongoing funding of medical research and study, - The possible restrictions imposed by the WACMD on certain types of knowledge (ex. sensitive information pertaining to biological warfare), - The secure storage and/or isolation of above sensitive information, - The creation and implementation of new standards of medical procedure, protocol, and operating guidelines, where applicable, - Communication of relevant new information and research to WA member nations upon reasonable request with background checks, - Establishment of restrictions and oversight as to those eligible to receive sensitive information upon request; Tasks the Office of Building Management (OBM) to determine the optimal location of WACMD servers with the potential for: - Defense against potential threats both natural and of a man-made/terrorist nature, - Easy access and communication between WACMD servers and other WA and WA-affiliated structures for maintenance and communication; Encourages all WA Nations to promote healthcare, medicinal and pharmaceutical research, and preservation of medical knowledge; Clarifies that all World Assembly member nations possess access and clearance to all non-sensitive documents and information contained within the WACMD data-banks; Ensures the understanding of the WACMDRC as an entity independent from, albeit still obligated to, its donors, overseers, and World Assembly supervisors; Affirms the right for private and corporate entities to participate in their own research and production of medicinal and pharmaceutical goods and information, albeit under WA and WACMD regulation, if applicable and approved by the World Assembly; Ensures the establishment of a committee for the funding and expansion of WA and WA member nation healthcare sectors, pharmaceutical sectors, and medical research sectors. --------- Please comment on this [revised] draft with suggestions for improvement and criticisms. To be potentially submitted as a proposal under the General Assembly. [Edit]: Healthcare has received extensive previous coverage that I was not aware of. Proposal may be scrapped.
  2. Hello, I just joined NationStates and this fourm and I would like to know what's going on. Can you explain recruitment? What's going on here? What's Roleplay? What mini-wars? Please break it down. ~Don't forget to be awesome! ~
  3. Condemn General Halcones Category: Condemnation | Nominee: General Halcones | Proposed by: Charax The Security Council; Recognises The Black Rider Overlord General Halcones as the successor state to the nation of Halcones, and that General Halcones is often referred to simply by the name 'Halcones' Discloses that Halcones is one of the oldest and most senior nations in the world who invade other regions on a regular basis, Reveals that Halcones is the founder of several organisations dedicated to the invasion of Sovereign Regions, including The Black Hawks and The Black Riders, who at the time of writing this assembly has seen fit to Condemn on a combined total of three differing occasions, Notes that Halcones has lead efforts to advance the technological capability of Invader organisations throughout the world, including the production of tools to allow Invaders to calculate the optimum time to invade a region, Further notes that Halcones has produced tools which allow Invaders to distinguish between regions where the World Assembly Delegate has the ability to eject nations, and those where they do not, which has allowed Invaders to target an even larger range of regions than has been the case previously. Denounces Halcones for being one of the most prolific Invader nations in recorded history, having taken part in the raids of over one thousand regions over the course of their raiding career, Believes that Halcones is a threat to worldwide security, sovereignty and decency, Hereby Condemns General Halcones. ----------------------------------- What do you guys think? Thought I'd post it here before taking it to the SC forums, for some pre-scrutiny scrutiny.
  4. Description: The World Assembly, RECOGNISING the inherently unpredictable nature of self-propagating weaponry such as biological weaponry, BELIEVING that it is contrary to the principles of this assembly to permit warfare of such an unreliable nature, RESOLVING that effective measures must be taken to ensure that such warfare is minimized And to this end resolves; "Biological agents" shall be defined as any disease-producing bacterium, virus, prion, or other microorganism with the capacity to be used effectively in an act of biological terrorism or biological warfare; The use of biological agents as weaponry in any situation with the intentions of incapacitating, injuring, or destroying civilians populations, military personnel, or the environment is hereby prohibited; Member nations shall take all measures necessary and practical in preventing the production, sale, or transfer of biological agents (and/or the components necessary in their construction) from their own nation to another party, if the transfer process is considered to violate the intentions and provisions of this resolution; The World Assembly Commission on Biological Agents (WACBA) shall be created within the World Health Authority (WHA), and is hereby tasked with the following: To assist the civilian populations of member nations which have been subjected to the consequences of a biological attack by proportionally utilizing all appropriate resources provided by the WHA, To assist the governments of member nations in creating effective bio-defense programs to ensure the safety of member nations against biological agents; Member nations are further encouraged to take retributive measures, subject to limitations recognized by international law, against nations or groups that handle biological agents irresponsibly - for example, in excessively violent, destructive, or blatantly unnecessary ways; Member nations reserve the right to stockpile biological agents for the purposes of research only, so long as they are in compliance with the provisions of this resolution; biological agents collected by member nations for purposes other than research shall be neutralized in a timely manner, and with as safe a procedure as possible; Such research as mentioned prior shall be limited to the development of vaccinations, the creation of defensive measures or counter measures, or the development of medical treatments. WA Members should state their position on this WA motion by stating if they are either FOR or AGAINST. Voting will end before the WA closes to votes and TWP votes will be tallied to give the view of the region.
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