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  1. Benjabobaria

    Hey TWP I love you!

    I remember when you were the TWPAF commander, you did a very good job :D
  2. Benjabobaria

    [Killed] Ban On Capital Punishment

    Capital punishment is fun, vote against
  3. Benjabobaria

    [PASSED] Commend Gay

    Sounds like a good resolution!
  4. Benjabobaria

    [PASSED] Liberate Femdom Empire

    Fortunately Bedebao refounded the region. Good on him! Bedebao made these memes. He sure is good, huh?
  5. Benjabobaria

    [PASSED] Liberate Femdom Empire

    Well unfortunately the current resolution is passing with flying colors. Navasse has several more resolutions up his sleeve. And our delegate is supporting Navasse's resolutions!
  6. Benjabobaria

    [PASSED] Liberate Femdom Empire

    A true shame our delegate is voting for this resolution. This resolution is riding a bandwagon and the region isn't necessarily a fascist region itself, although it did get help from fascists. Keep in mind that Navasse has at least as many fascist ties as Femdom does. Dave, the other GCR's may be voting for this resolution, but stand with reason and oppose the resolution!
  7. Benjabobaria

    Goodbye, NS (hopefully temporary)

    It's unfortunate to see you go Atlae, but I understand. Sometimes a break is necessary from our favorite games when they get in the way of things. I'll look forward to whenever you come back!