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General Assembly: Nuclear Security Convention

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Nuclear Security Convention
A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security
Strength: Mild
Proposed by: Chester Pearson

Description: The World Assembly,

RECOGNIZING that nuclear energy is a relatively clean and efficient source of energy,

UNDERSTANDING the right of member nations to use nuclear energy for peaceful purpose,

ALSO REALIZING the potential threat posed to all members in regards to the acquisition of nuclear technology by rogue states, terrorist and/or extremist organizations,

ALARMED by the possibility of widespread devastation that could occur as the result of the uncontrolled proliferation of nuclear technology, particularly by non-members who are not bound by the conventions of international law,

RESOLVING to enact a sensible policy that mitigates the potential for nuclear warfare and the consequences thereof,

The General Assembly hereby:

  • For the purposes of this convention defines nuclear energy as the energy released by nuclear reactions,
  • Requires member nations take all necessary precautions to ensure their nuclear materials, technology and information that have the potential for weaponization are fully secured against unauthorized release,
  • Demands that member nations take all measures necessary and practical in preventing the transfer of nuclear technology, design specifications, and materials if there is reason to suspect that they will be weaponized,
  • Clarifies that nothing in this resolution shall be interpreted as affecting the right of member nations to research or use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, nor denying members nations the right to possess or produce nuclear armaments via their own technological and manufacturing capacities.

Co-Authored by Abacathea

Voting Ends: in 3 days 10 hours

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