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General Assembly: Sustainable Forest Management

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Sustainable Forest Management
A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.

Category: Environmental
Industry Affected: Logging
Proposed by: Cardoness

Description: The World Assembly,

UNDERSTANDING that the forestry industry is a major source of income for many states;

ACKNOWLEDGING that each state has the right and responsibility to utilize its natural resources for the betterment of its people;

CONCERNED by the widespread environmental damage caused by deforestation;

FURTHER CONCERNED by the effects such damage has on other states;

BELIEVING these effects to be, in part:

a) Increases in the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere;
b )Displacements of indigenous life forms from their natural habitat;
c) Rise of temperatures in cleared areas;
d) Soil erosion and sterilization;
DISMAYED that foreign states have no recourse to protect their own environment from such effects;

CREATES the World Assembly Forest Commission (WAFC) to 

a) Track deforestation;
Create guidelines for sustainable forest harvesting;
c) Establish standards specific to each nation to limit the impact of forest harvesting processes;
d) Identify,
i) Areas which are the most environmentally sensitive and provide recommendations for their protection,
ii) Areas best suited for harvesting;
e) Develop recommendations for the reforestation of previously cleared land;
URGES all states to set aside a portion of their extant forest for conservation, that such forest, or forests, be as large, and its boundaries as uniform as possible, and be in the most environmentally sensitive areas;

REQUIRES that before the commencement of logging operations, a proposal be submitted, by the state or states affected, to, and approved by, the WAFC detailing plans:
a) Which clearly define the area to be harvested;
B) To minimize soil degradation and damage to the biodiversity of the area;
c) For the revitalization of the forest upon completion, taking into consideration the rejuvenation of the ecosystem and long term health, or, if the area is to be developed for some other purpose include:
i) Such development plans outlining the intent and purpose and area to be used;
ii) A timetable as to the anticipated start and completion of said development;
iii) Intentions for areas cleared but not part of the subsequent development;

AUTHORIZES the WAFC to provide funds, in the form of a grant or loan, on a case by case basis for the cost involved in revitalization efforts;

EXEMPTS wood taken for personal use and which is not sold or traded for profit.


ALLOWS for the felling of trees beyond the established regulations if the trees are diseased or in the event of some other emergency which requires it;

STRONGLY URGES states to avoid harvesting trees near waterways and coastlines;

ENCOURAGES that areas damaged by acts of nature, or cleared prior to the passage of this resolution, be reforested;

CALLS UPON able states to lend aid and assistance to neighboring states which may need it.

Voting Ends: in 3 days 7 hours

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