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General Assembly: Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms"

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Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms"
A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.
Category: Repeal
Resolution: GA#286
Proposed by: Alchemic Queendom

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #286: Reproductive Freedoms (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly,

Noting that World Assembly Resolution #286, “Reproductive Freedoms”, creates a totally unrestricted right to obtain an abortion at any stage of a pregnancy,

Realizing that this includes a right to obtain very late term abortions, or abortions after a genetic test, for example for the presence of Down's syndrome,

Furthermore, reiterating its commitment to human equality,

Believing that one of the most important aspects of human equality is the abolition of gender-based discrimination,

Applauding previous World Assembly legislation attempting to address gender-based discrimination, while recognising that this is an unfinished project,

Acknowledging that in many cultures economic and social norms have led to prejudices against female children and to discrimination in favour of male children,

Understanding that a common means of expressing this prejudice is through sex-selective abortion, wherein an abortion is conducted only after a sex test of the foetus has confirmed it to be female,

Also aware of informal folk attitudes that may lead to a pregnancy being ascribed female characteristics even in the absence of definitive medical testing, leading to sex-selective abortion,

Arguing that sex-selective abortion has serious societal consequences, including fuelling further discriminatory attitudes and practices, and contributing to socioeconomic inequality,

Considering there to be a compelling interest in preventing sex-selective abortion,

Disgusted that Resolution #286 prohibits legislation to prevent sex-selective abortion,

Repulsed that this Resolution amounts to a World Assembly mandate for gendercide and does active harm by preventing efforts to address gender imbalances,

Emphasising that this repeal in no way represents an argument against the basic right to obtain an abortion,

Nonetheless, holding the issue of sex-selective abortion sufficiently important to merit reconsideration of the Resolution in question:


World Assembly Resolution #286 is struck out and rendered null and void.

Voting Ends: in 3 days 8 hours

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I voted against. I see nothing wrong with the original bill, and if the Alchemic Queendom really cared about sex-selective abortion she could have just written a new bill about that instead of having to completely erradicate the original because it wasn't specific enough.

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