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General Assembly: Repeal "Renewable Energy Installations"

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Repeal "Renewable Energy Installations"
A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal
Resolution: GA#236
Proposed by: Mosktopia

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #236: Renewable Energy Installations (Category: Environmental; Industry Affected: All Businesses) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The General Assembly:

Notes that GAR #236, "Renewable Energy Installations," seeks to make the world a more eco-friendly place; but

Documents that GAR #236 defines a renewable energy installation (REI) as "facilities which will generate power derived from naturally occurring resources that will have the least impact and damage on the environment through their operation," which is an unreasonably strict definition and automatically excludes a large number of power-generating methods and facilities that are renewable, efficient, and very eco-friendly simply because they are not the absolute least-impacting facilities one could imagine;

Recalls that Clause (ii) of GAR #236 reads: "(ii) Having identified suitable sites within their borders, nations without renewable energy installations must build R.E.I.s at the designated sites, provided the nation is in an economically viable position to do so;"

Believes that the strict definition of REI makes it unlikely that many member nations will be in an economically viable position to actually build said REIs - making the positive environmental impact of this resolution minimal, at best;

Notes that Clause (i) of GAR #236 reads: "(i) Nations who do not already possess R.E.I's to identify key areas where the placement of facilities would cause the least environmental disturbance," which unfortunately does not allow member nations to designate REI locations based on ease of construction, access, and/or maintenance, but rather focuses only on the narrow issue of ensuring the least possible environmental disturbance - forcing those member nations who can afford to build REIs to do so in suboptimal places;

Understands that Clauses (i) and (ii) of GAR #236, together require nations to identify areas where REIs would cause the least environmental disturbance and build REIs on those sites, even if:

  • The nation does not need any more energy facilities,
  • The nation is already entirely reliant on clean energy,
  • The site is of historical or cultural significance,
  • There is already something of great value built on the site,
  • Building a power generating facility on the site would be foolhardy or dangerous, and/or
  • The nation would rather spend the considerable resources necessary to build a power generating facility on other equally environmentally-friendly projects, such as wetlands restoration or recycling centers;

Acknowledges that if GAR #236 is repealed, member nations can still demonstrate a commitment to renewable energy via national legislation, international agreements, and through the free choices of individual citizens;

Hereby repeals General Assembly Resolution #236, "Renewable Energy Installations".

Co-authored by Mousebumples

Voting Ends: in 1 day 8 hours

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