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General Assembly: Chemical Weapons Accord

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Chemical Weapons Accord
A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security
Strength: Mild
Proposed by: Chester Pearson

Description: The World Assembly,

Acknowledging that nations may possess chemical weapons,

Realizing that some nations use chemical weapons both domestically and during military conflict,
Whilst understanding the massive casualties and long term environmental damage that these weapons may cause; also believing that small scale tactical defensive usage of these weapons is sometimes vital to the survival of smaller nations,

For the purposes of this protocol "Chemical agents" shall be defined as:

  • "Chemical weapon": any substance that is used with the intention of causing death or severe harm to sapient beings, a habitable area or to the environment solely through the toxic chemical properties of such agent,
  • "Riot control agent": any chemical substance that is used with the intention of non-lethally incapacitating and subduing sapient beings solely through the chemical effects of such agent,

The General Assembly hereby declares:

  • The use of chemical weapons in any capacity that may injure or destroy military personnel, or the environment shall be limited to defensive or delaying operations of aggressive offensive military forces,
  • The use of chemical weapons that have a reasonable probability of affecting civilian populations shall be prohibited,
  • Member nations shall be permitted to utilize riot control agents, within the boundaries of current and future World Assembly legislation,
  • Member nations shall take all measures necessary and practical in preventing the sale or transfer of chemical weapons from their own nation to any other party if that transfer is intended to facilitate the violation of the intentions and provisions of this act,
  • Member nations shall take all necessary and available precautions to secure their chemical weapon stockpiles, to prevent their chemical weapon stockpiles from accidental release, and to prevent those stockpiles from falling into the hands of individuals whom have the intent to violate the intentions and provisions of this act,
  • Member nations shall use all available means to ensure chemical weapons remain fully under state control; furthermore private individuals, and corporate entities shall be prohibited from possessing chemical weapons,

The World Assembly Chemical Weapons Commission (WACWC) shall be re-tasked with the following mandate:

  • To develop and maintain a library of known chemical weapons, and to share this information with any nations that request it,
  • To assist member nations in establishing effective programs meant to defend against chemical weapons,
  • To assist member nations in the voluntary decommissioning and destruction of their chemical weapons,
  • To provide medical and humanitarian assistance to member nations subject to unprovoked offensive chemical weapon attacks, in cooperation with the International Humanitarian Aid Coordination Committee.

Co-Authored by: The Dourian Embassy

Voting Ends: in 3 days 22 hours

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Abstain. I promised Chester I'd work with him on a repeal and replace, but due to a variety of factors(primarily having to pre-empt another guy trying to pass his own version I disagree with even more), it's just not the best piece it could be(though the issues I repealed it for the first time are gone at least). It is however, the best piece we could've hoped for in the time frame we had available. So yeah...

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