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General Assembly: Unwed Parenthood Act

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Unwed Parenthood Act
A resolution to reduce income inequality and increase basic welfare.

Category: Social Justice
Strength: Mild
Proposed by: Christian Democrats

Description: The General Assembly,

Realizing that there are increasing rates of unplanned pregnancy and unintended childbirth out of wedlock,

Understanding the particular difficulties associated with raising one or more children as a single parent,

Recognizing the heavy financial burdens of raising children in any situation,

Believing it is easier to raise children when responsibilities are shared by multiple individuals,

Noting the "marriage gap," the social scientific observation that married couples usually have greater incomes than singles or unmarried couples, thus making it less difficult to have children,

1. Requires member states to establish sexual education programs in their secondary schools with an emphasis on preventing unplanned pregnancy;

2. Encourages member states to commit public funding to adoption services and to social assistance programs to help parents who are struggling to raise their children;

3. Urges member states to enact tax relief for low-income parents;

4. Defines marriage, as used below, as (a) civil marriage in jurisdictions where marriages are recognized by the government or ( B) formal and informal relationships similar to marriage in jurisdictions where marriages are not recognized by the government;

5. Instructs the World Health Authority to launch an international awareness campaign, funded fully by voluntary donations intended for this specific program, (a) to promote marriage among young people as a valuable social institution; ( B) to discourage sexual conduct that reasonably might lead to unplanned pregnancy; © to disseminate information to young people on the benefits of waiting to become sexually active until one is physically, mentally, and emotionally mature; (d) to increase general public knowledge on pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease; and (e) to combat discrimination against pregnant individuals, unmarried parents, and their children;

6. Mandates that the World Health Authority focus the efforts of its international awareness campaign on those member states where unplanned pregnancy rates are highest; and

7. Forbids governments within the jurisdiction of this Assembly from taking actions intended to undermine the goals of the international awareness campaign outlined above.

Voting Ends: in 3 days 12 hours

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