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General Assembly: Reducing Automobile Emissions

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Reducing Automobile Emissions
A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.

Category: Environmental
Industry Affected: Automobile Manufacturing
Proposed by: Abacathea

Description: Commending the efforts of many WA member-states to improving the quality of the environment and their willingness to adapt feasible approaches towards achieving this goal;

Believing that the reduction of waste emissions from the automotive industry is an international issue with significant climate implications and that no simple solutions exist to tackling these issues;

Noting that waste products and emissions from mechanical forms of transportation such as cars, buses, trains, shipping, and air travel, constitute a significant source of atmospheric pollutants, and believing that every nation and industry should accept a collective responsibility and affirmative response attitude towards lowering their output of these pollutants;

The General Assembly;

1: Defines, for the purposes of this resolution;
"automobile" as a mechanically propelled vehicle designed for the carriage of goods or people powered in part or fully by an engine or likewise device, and
"emissions" as gases released into the atmosphere that are established to be harmful to persons or the natural environment,

2: Mandates, under this resolution;
(i) A requirement of all member nations to take any and all economically viable measures to reduce automobile emissions;
(ii) The establishment of the International Automobile Emissions Commission (IAEC) with the following mandate:
-to create procedures for the collection and publishing of automobile emissions data by member nations and automobile manufacturers,
-to establish recommended automobile emissions standards based on this data,
-to submit an annual report to the World Assembly on automobile emissions in member nations, including projections of future automobile emissions and progress towards the implementation of IAEC standards;

3: Further requires all member nations and automobile manufacturers to implement IAEC reporting standards;

4: Encourages member nations to incentivize the development of automobile emission reduction technologies, as well as the modification or replacement of in-service automobiles producing excessive emissions;

5: Further encourages member nations to share effective emissions reduction technologies with other nations.

Voting Ends: in 3 days 11 hours

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"Further encourages member nations to share effective emissions reduction technologies with other nations."


Hmmm.....I sense an opportunity for weaponization of technologies shared....

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