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Commend Bran Astor

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Nominee: Bran Astor


The Region of The West Pacific,

Glorifying Bran Astor’s dedication to The West Pacific,

Acclaiming their time spent in multiple leadership roles to better the region, serving as a three-time Guardian of the West (2017-2018, 2019, and 2020-present), Minister of Internal Affairs, and as the 49th Delegate of the West Pacific from November of 2019 to November of 2020;

Memorializing Bran's service as a three-time Guardian for keeping The West Pacific safe and secure, removing troublemakers, spammers, and the likes, and acting as a creative consultant to the Delegate;

Extolling the nominee's guidance as Minister of Internal Affairs for:

  • Contributing to regional roleplay by establishing and serving as an admin for The West Pacific Roleplay discord server and organizing TWP's first ever delegation to the NS Olympics,
  • Establishing TWP's Embassy in the NationStates Gameplay Forum,
  • Leading interregional festivities, such as the Festival of the Three Perfections (a celebration of art, poetry, and writing), West Osi High School Prom, Dragons of the Frozen Seas, and Burning Marsupial,
  • Developing multiple regional events, which encompass:
    • TWPride Month (including being an Executive Producer of Dali's Drag Race) where the region shows its love for the LGBTQ+ community and to honor the 1969 Stonewall Riot,
    • The Casserole of Humanity, a celebration of the community we build and create in the region packed with fun activities,
    • OcTWPerfest, a month-long event where players compete in various costume contests and share their love for Halloween
  • Rejuvenating the regional newspaper, The West Pacifican, by recruiting new authors and improving the quality of the articles, later renaming the publication The Western Post in 2020;

Celebrating the nominee's contributions to The West Pacific as its 49th Delegate, serving from 2019 to 2020:

  • Establishing the University of The West Pacific, a program which develops future leaders by teaching players about each part of The West Pacific's government,
  • Organizing the 2019 Midwinter Shenanigans, a month-long celebration of the winter holidays
  • Building on interregional relations by establishing treaties with Karma and The Pacific, which place a greater focus on culture and developing stronger bonds compared to previous treaties, and hosting OWL-20, a space-themed festival with Osiris and Lazarus,
  • Promoting and normalizing Quorum Denial Raiding for unworthy World Assembly Proposals,
  • Showing support for all members of The West Pacific via the Pride Month "Dad" telegram,
  • Going above and beyond the gameplay requirements of being Delegate by focusing on the cultural aspects and roleplay community of The West Pacific;

Lauding the nominee's furthering of The West Pacific’s culture by means of:

  • Publishing The Coffee Dispatches, TWP's Daily News, via the nation "Coffee of the Day," as a source of in-game and out-of-game activities and news and regional daily news,
  • Creating Today in The West in April of 2018, a unique program designed to drive meaningful activity, share important and fun news, and invite all to participate in TWP,
  • The inclusion of Haikuesday and Thank You Thursday in Today in The West;

Recognizing the quality and quantity of works of art created by Bran for various events, roleplay, and military purposes, including, but not limited to:

  • Challenge Coins for regional and interregional events such as The West Pacific World (Rugby) Cup, The Weird Pacific (Call of Lovecraft), Time Warp Pacific (Dammit Janet), and the Midwinter Shenanigans, The Festival of the Three Perfections, Burning Marsupial, and multiple N-Day and Z-Day events,
  • Roleplay maps, not only for TWP (maintained since 2017), but also for Lazarus, Gay, and Land of Kings and Emperors, in addition to guiding Balder through creating their own regional map,
  • Military recruitment posters and special mission patches for The West Pacific Armed Forces,
  • Numerous individual awards for Services to The West Pacific;

Noting their strong personality, always encouraging new ideas, a willingness to help out and take on additional leadership roles, and desire to see others do the best that they can;

Finally, believing that the nominee has spent an extraordinary amount of time and effort bettering the region;

Hereby Regionally Commends Bran Astor.

Passed on 2 February 2021

For: 24 (96%)

Against: 1 (4%)

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