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Commend Neenee

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Commend Neenee

Nominee: Neenee



The Region of the West Pacific,

Acknowledging that Neenee has vastly contributed to the region for almost two decades, under the aliases of Neenee and Minineenee,

Noting that Neenee has previously been Delegate of the West for almost one year, once in 2005 and then in 2018, both terms in which the region had lots of activity,

Honouring Neenee's tenure in several other governmental positions in the early days of the West Pacific, such as:

  • Prime Minister, being the first ever holder of this important government position,
  • Regent (under Delegate ZetaOne), a position similar to Vice-Delegate with the intent of securing the region,
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs twice, conducting the regional diplomacy with the NationStates world,

Appreciating Neenee's term as Minister of Internal Affairs under Delegate Big Bad Badger, in which the nominee spearheaded a revamping of regional culture by:

  • recruiting new writers and publishing several editions of the regional newspaper,
  • hosting several festivals such as "Celebrate TWP,"
  • encouraging book reading in the region by authoring the "Nee Reads" dispatches and assisting Bran Astor to produce "The Reader's Almanac," earning Neenee the title of Regional Librarian, 

Further appreciating the nominee's terms as Guardian of the West throughout several years, helping to defend the region from threats by suppressing posts on the Regional Message Board and banjecting unwanted nations, and

Recognizing that Neenee's contributions and efforts deserve a Commendation by the Region,

Hereby regionally commends Neenee.


Passed: 24 November 2020

For: 24

Against: 0 (0%)

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