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The Giovannilandian Gazette

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The Giovannilandian Gazette

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The Giovannilandian Gazette is the official government newspaper from the Kingdom of Giovanniland.
Here you can find important stories and notices from Giovanniland, Aura and Esferos. Stay tuned for future news!

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Giovannilandian Elections Coming Soon

GIOVANNISTADT, 27th November 1420 – National and regional elections in Giovanniland will start in the next month. Several important positions are elected every four years, such as Prime Minister, the head of government, as well as Governors for all 33 provinces and Mayors for cities. The campaigning period will start in 16th December, when candidates will be allowed to stage campaign rallies in cities and show advertisements for their campaigns in TVs, radios, social media, and other communication vehicles. Then, voters will cast their votes one month after, in 16th January. Three electoral debates will take place throughout the election campaign as well, and many spectators are eager to see those debates.

The current Prime Minister, Amore Gil Albrecht, has stated her intent to run for re-election. It is expected that her campaign will be supported by both the Green Social Party and the Giovannilandian Communist Party, members of the ruling coalition with supermajority in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The opposition coalition–composed by the Republican Giovanniland Party, the Democratic Coalition and the Patriot Party–has announced the right-wing candidate Álvaro Uryth Lavanda as the opposition's Prime Minister candidate. Lauro de Abreu-Floryn from the Theocratic Violetist Party is also running for the coveted position after two successful terms as the main Senator in his party, even though no other party expressed their support for his candidacy. All three candidates are expected to debate solutions for pressing issues in the world, such as the ongoing Zoranian Civil War.

This is it for today, but be sure to tune in later for more news on elections and other important happenings in Giovanniland!

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Election News: Campaign Period Started!

GIOVANNISTADT, 19th December 1420 – The campaign period for national and regional elections in Giovanniland has officially started three days ago, on 16th December. That day, candidates were finally allowed to stage campaign rallies and show advertisements in several communication vehicles–and many promptly did. Electoral debates will take place throughout the campaign period as you might know, with the first one happening December 26th! The campaign will then slow down for New Year, after which the two remaining debates and the proper election day will happen January. 

The three candidates for Prime Minister are shown below. (OOC note: images generated with the site thispersondoesnotexist.com)

  1563144681_AmoreGilAlbrecht.png.9b4f874a1e33c98b6bc6469d71573dcb.png 1826998459_AlvaroUrythLavanda.png.87a99a9b7f35130877926874fe56e91d.png 1533507951_LaurodeAbreu-Floryn.png.ae1a8f8865f394a556f84398d93dafcf.png
 Name:  Amore Gil Albrecht (incumbent) Álvaro Uryth Lavanda Lauro de Abreu-Floryn
Party: Green Social Party Republican Giovanniland Party Theocratic Violetist Party
Allied Parties:  Giovannilandian Communist Party   Democratic Coalition, Patriot Party  (none)

In the first of several pre-election polls, Amore Gil has started with a strong 45%, followed by Álvaro Uryth with 21% and finally Lauro de Abreu-Floryn with 8%. Undecided people or those who chose not to reveal their vote make together a staggering 26% of all interviewed people, although this is expected as the campaign period has just started. Votes for each candidate seem to be even for most provinces, although there's a higher concentration of votes for the Theocratic Violetists in the northern provinces, where the percentage of people following Violetism is higher, and more votes for the incumbent PM in all four Special Cities except for Urythburg in the north.

Other key elections have also been debated throughout the country, for example the elections for Giovannistadt mayor, where the incumbent Roberto Elysthin from the Communist Party faces off Patriot Party candidate Helena Zhaoqian. Another interesting election is the one for governor of Edristania, a northern region that has been hit by several floods recently–many people think the incumbent from the Republican Giovanniland Party, Clóvis Ivanov, has failed to properly deal with those floods. Therefore, many people are considering to vote for the opposition candidate Manuel Garavand from the Theocratic Violetist Party.

This is it for today. Check again later for more news on elections and other important events happening in Giovanniland!

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Election News: Amore Gil Albrecht Re-Elected 

GIOVANNISTADT, 10th February 1421 – After several debates happened throughout the campaign period and voters cast their ballots on January 16th, the incumbent Prime Minister Amore Gil Albrecht was re-elected with 61% of all votes, while Álvaro Uryth earned 27% and Lauro de Abreu-Floryn was the choice of 10% of all voters. Two percent of the voters chose to re-open elections, a similar amount in comparison to the 1417 election. The election turnout was among the highest in recent Giovannilandian history, as nearly 85% of the 5,637,451 Giovannilandians between 18 and 60 years of age voted. Additionally, there were 1,319,811 voters aged 16-18 or 60+, ages in which voting is optional.

The table below shows results from several polls and the official election. The first poll was conducted after the campaign period had just started, and the subsequent ones (2nd, 3rd and 4th) after the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd election debates respectively. (OOC note: images generated with the site thispersondoesnotexist.com)

    1563144681_AmoreGilAlbrecht.png.9b4f874a1e33c98b6bc6469d71573dcb.png 1826998459_AlvaroUrythLavanda.png.87a99a9b7f35130877926874fe56e91d.png 1533507951_LaurodeAbreu-Floryn.png.ae1a8f8865f394a556f84398d93dafcf.png  
Poll Date  Amore Gil Albrecht (incumbent)  Álvaro Uryth Lavanda Lauro de Abreu-Floryn  Undecided/Re-open Elections 
 1st Poll   16th December 1420  45% 21% 8% 26%
2nd Poll 27th December 1420 48% 32% 7% 13%
3rd Poll 4th January 1421 54% 26% 12% 8%
4th Poll 11th January 1421 57% 26% 13% 4%
Election 16th January 1421 61% 27% 10% 2%

The distribution of votes in the provincial level continued to be even similar to previous polls, with the usual effect of less and less people staying undecided. Incumbent PM Amore Gil Albrecht had the highest percentage of votes in the Giovannistadt (78%) and Violet Harbor (75%) cities as well as the provinces of Clegouskya (82%) and Dezesseis (76%). In the city of Anneville and the largest provinces by population Florynstaria and Aguamara, there was nearly the same amount of votes for Amore and Álvaro. The Republican candidate achieved the best results in some smaller provinces such as Farlinevero (61%), Kandraya (72%) and Gogmosio (66%). Finally, the Theocratic candidate Lauro earned most of its votes from the highly Violetist northern part of the country. The city of Urythburg saw nearly 40% of its population vote for Lauro, while the nearby provinces of Edristania, Girveana and Athurelia achieved similar results.

The Chamber of Deputies and Senate elections were also topic of many discussions across the country during the last months. Before the elections, the left-wing Green Social Party (GSP) had comfortable majorities in both houses. However, the party saw its majority shrink in the Chamber of Deputies while it barely failed to hold the Senate majority. On the other hand, the Giovannilandian Communist Party (GCP) was one of this house election's major winners, increasing their representative numbers in both houses. This means that, although the ruling GSP-GCP coalition still holds a strong majority in both houses, the GSP will have to rely on its communist ally, possibly allowing the enactment of more far-left policies in the next years.

Among the smaller parties, the Theocratic Violetist Party (TVP) gained the most, increasing by 9 deputies and 3 senator, and the right-wing Republican Giovanniland Party (RGP) also had satisfactory results. The centrist Democratic Coalition (DC) had a decrease in deputies but elected one more senator than the previous election, while the far-right Patriot Party increased its deputy numbers but lost half of its senators. 

The table below shows the differences between each house's composition before and after the election:

Party 1417 Chamber 1421 Chamber Party 1417 Senate 1421 Senate
Green Social Party 294 253 Green Social Party 60 48
Giovannilandian Communist Party  85 119 Giovannilandian Communist Party  13 22
Republican Giovanniland Party 40 41 Republican Giovanniland Party 9 10
 Democratic Coalition 60 53  Democratic Coalition 8 9
Theocratic Violetist Party 15 24 Theocratic Violetist Party 6 9
Patriot Party 6 10 Patriot Party 4 2

Thank you for reading the Giovannilandian Gazette. Check again later for more news on important happenings in Giovanniland, Aura and Esferos!

(OOC note, 11/06/21: editing to update province names)

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1421 Giovannilandian Chess Championship:
starting in less than a week!

GIOVANNISTADT, 10th June 1421 – After a successful tournament last year, with one of the highest ever attendances both in person and online, the 1421 edition national Giovannilandian Chess Championship will start next Wednesday, the 16th of June. The tournament usually starts in this same date every year, because it is the day after the important national holiday called Kingdom Revolution Day, in which the modern Kingdom of Giovanniland was established after a peaceful revolution that ended the Giovannilandian Empire. When the following day is a Saturday or Sunday, the tournament then starts on the next working day, that is the 17th or the 18th, but that is not the case this year. Thousands of fans are already booking their flights or preparing to drive to Sonserina – capital of the Varevenna Province, and a city often dubbed the national capital of chess – in which the tournament is hosted every year.

The logo of the Giovannilandian Chess Championship.

Together with the National Football Tournament (Giovannilandian: Nacionalio Tourneyo de Calcio), the Giovannilandian Chess Championship is one of the two most popular sport tournaments in the entire Giovannilandian nation. However, unlike the football tournament that uses a round-robin model and sees hundreds of matches spanning almost the entire year, the Giovannilandian Chess Championship uses a typical two-phases model, with a group stage and then a knock-out stage. The group stage features 36 chess players, one for each province and special city, except for the fact the Nord-Garavanda and Sud-Garavanda provinces send only one joint candidate instead of two. These players are divided into six groups of six players each, in which the top two of each group and the four best 3rd-placed players advance to the knock-out stage, featuring the usual method of round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, 3rd place match and the grand final.

The current champion is Grandmaster Lavinia Paschoal-Harveyn from the Province of Ermendea, which won the regional qualifiers in order to try and defend her title. Other candidates went through a similar process, all of them having the ELO rating of at least 2000 to participate. Some of them have also earned titles like GrandmasterInternational Master and Candidate Master, although having a title is not required. It is worth noting that, unlike in other countries, Giovanniland does not use the women-only categories of these titles, in order to promote gender equality in chess. The chess players from each province are named below, together with their ELO rating, chess title (if applicable), age, and province they represent. The * indicates the current champion.

Chess Player ELO Rating Age Province or Special City
Sebastian Glendurianth 2255 31 Abranterra
International Master Clarissa Queiroz Froulyansk 2479 25 Abreulina
Grandmaster Guillermo Uryth-Amorim 2541 17 Aguamara
Grandmaster Roberto Nyima Hatyanunik 2622 35 Anneville
International Master Barbara Erwaide-Albuquerque 2483 29 Athurelia
Candidate Master Sergio Upandhya-Zarya 2355 20 Borbania
Armando Gogmos Vieira 2296 26 Cartagualde
Grandmaster Giovanni Amdo-Gyamtso 2678 30 Clegouskya
Candidate Master Cynthia Valkyrie-Liangzhou 2415 33 Desniowana
Grandmaster Rodolfo Lavrendal Higashi 2636 19 Dezesseis
International Master Ulysses Anairyth-Sousa 2494 31 Edristania
Grandmaster Lavinia Paschoal-Harveyn* 2753 35 Ermendea
International Master Pietro Maldonado-Violetshire 2443 21 Erwaidestatia
Amanda Girveandre del Valle  2301 35 Espandiro
Candidate Master Serena Nakamura-Amaral 2393 27 Farlinevero
Grandmaster Julieta Quintana-Altadia 2576 36 Florynstaria
Gilmar Ghunnesbert Vidal 2178 34 Garavanda (Nord & Sud)
Grandmaster Milton Arruda-Kandray 2701 40 Giovannistadt
Candidate Master Benedito Montagne de Luz 2400 25 Girveana
Zilda Varynebarr Schmidt 2277 32 Gogmosio
International Master Aurelio Vindamir Orpheus 2520 19 Harvoneyo
International Master Miriam Caetano-Aguamyr 2505 29 Hatiandrive
Vitor Yorbal-Allamand 2311 24 Kandraya
Grandmaster Antonio Sonsyrenne-Wilsim 2557 33 Lavandalia
Candidate Master Theodoro Ximenes-Virya 2354 30 Lavroterra
Grandmaster Catia Thuryn-Garavand 2669 37 Mangualvo
Erasmo Jacques-Antenor 2251 25 Maravista
Ricardo Kharventhin-Derval 2222 27 Montagnaro
Candidate Master Tania Uryth-Andolina 2376 39 Neuriantho
Candidate Master Arthur Koymkabé de Silva 2421 22 Oryantal
International Master Demetrio Carvalho Qwarnyi 2487 40 Quardyna
Candidate Master Ivete Trieste-Belchior  2391 32 Rouviberta
Grandmaster Carlos Neuryanth de Sousa 2675 21 Urythburg
Vania Garvandell-Edristyn 2243 25 Vanquengiro
Grandmaster Jurandir Delchiaro  2787 45 Varevenna
Grandmaster Gustavo Takeda-Bwaryk 2601 18 Violet Harbor

Photo of participants in the last Giovannilandian Chess Championship. 

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