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Commend Big Bad Badger

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Commend Big Bad Badger

Nominee: Big Bad Badger


The Region of The West Pacific,

Acknowledging that Big Bad Badger (hereby referred to as Badger) has contributed to the region for several years, 

Noting that, as commander of the West Pacific Armed Forces during late 2015 to 2016 (appointed by the then Delegate Elegarth), Badger unified TWPAF after a period of confusion and uncertainty, and began the work to shape the regional military's current iteration;

Appreciating Badger's term as Delegate of the West from 2016 to 2017, in which the aforementioned:

  • spearheaded the writing of the Manners of Governance, creating the regional government as it stands today;
  • solidified the purpose of the Ministries and the Hall of Nations;
  • encouraged regional members to improve West Pacifican culture and also to showcase it abroad to other regions;

Honouring Badger's administrative positions, such as an Administrator of the regional forums and Server Owner of the regional Discord server, in which the nominee ensures safety for regional members, keeps off troublemakers from both platforms, and aids in technical problems;

Admiring the nominee's terms as Guardian of the West, during which thousands of nations were banjected from the region in a record-setting purge to remove spammers, troublemakers, and many other kinds of unwanted nations, as an effort to make the region a better place for all;

Respecting the nominee's more recent term as Ministry of World Assembly Affairs under Delegates The Holy Principality of Saint Mark (Halo) and Bran Astor, in which endorsement levels increased not only for the Delegate and Guardians but also for the general WA member population, and

Concluding that Badger's contributions were extremely important to shape the current regional government and culture, and that said contributions should be recognized;

Hereby regionally commends Big Bad Badger.

Passed: 10th October 2020

For: 26 (100.00%)

Against: 0 (0.00%)

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