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Commend Bhang Bhang Duc

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Commend Bhang Bhang Duc

Nominee: Bhang Bhang Duc


The Region of The West Pacific,

Acknowledging that Bhang Bhang Duc (hereby referred to as BBD) has participated in the region for over a decade, 

Appreciating BBD's tenure in the regional Delegate position during mid-2014 that, despite its short length, kept the region's culture and people active and united,

Noting that BBD was appointed in 2016 as Minister for World Assembly Affairs by then Delegate Elegarth, and spearheaded a very successful term, in which WA resolutions were carefully discussed by the nominee and other TWP members,

Further noting the nominee's experience on WA affairs (especially within the WA Security Council) can be observed by comments on proposals both within TWP and the wider NationStates forums, guiding aspiring WA resolution authors to improve their proposals,

Honouring BBD's multiple terms as Guardian of the West (ranging from the early days of NationStates up to 2017), banjecting so many nations to secure the Delegate's position that BBD later earned the epithet of 'Master of the Trebuchet' and set a model for upcoming Guardians;

Respecting the more recent positions held by BBD, such as Y Ddraig Goch Orllewinol (appointed by Delegate Bran Astor), lasting to the present day and allowing the nominee to continue their watchful eye on the region, thus keeping it a better place for all residents, 

Admiring BBD's presence on the Regional Message Board (RMB), contributing to the regional culture by:

  • posting on the RMB about many interesting topics, such as astronomy (via their 'Astronomy Spots'),
  • carrying on with the ever-flowing regional snark in such a great scale that BBD has been recognized as 'King of Snark' by many residents,
  • suppressing an impressive number of rule-breaking posts during their terms as Guardian and other aforementioned roles in order to keep the RMB cleaner;

Observing BBD's work on overcoming roo-fur madness, and the importance of that feat in our proudly anti-marsupialist Region, and 

Believing that BBD's impacts and contributions to the West Pacific merit a commendation by the Region,

Hereby regionally commends Bhang Bhang Duc.

Passed: 2nd September 2020

For: 22 (100.00%)

Against: 0 (0.00%)

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