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Commend Altino

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Commend Altino

Nominee: Altino


The Region of The West Pacific,

Recognizing the importance of The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF), the region's current military organization,

Acknowledging that in TWPAF's current iteration, Altino was Commander from October 2017 to February 2018, 

Honouring the multiple contributions of the nominee in TWPAF, such as:

  • The development and deployment of the Pirate Theme for TWPAF, including themed rank names,
  • The achievement of 100 embassies for Doll Guldur, TWP's embassy collector region, as a way to show the regional military's overall success,
  • The use of innovative recruitment methods to increase TWPAF membership numbers to unprecedented levels, thus creating and driving activity, and 
  • The accomplishments of command and control, including the training of several members (including future Commanders) and the oversight of countless operations,

Appreciating that Altino was honoured with the first ever TWP Medal of Honor by Davelands, at the time Delegate,

Noting that their presence in the region, lasting to the present day, is a source of happiness and joy to the regional residents, and

Believing that Altino's impacts and contributions to The West Pacific are worthy of great respect and merit a commendation by the Region,

Hereby regionally commends Altino.

Passed: 17th July 2020

For: 25 (100.00%)

Against: 0 (0.00%)

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