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Commend Winnipeg

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Commend Winnipeg

Nominee: Winnipeg

Proposed by: Giovanniland


The Region of The West Pacific,

Believing that Winnipeg's impact on the West Pacific is worthy of great respect and merit a commendation of the Region,

Honouring that Winnipeg has hosted multiple versions of the West Pacific regional forums since January 2006, 

Acknowledging the energy, time, and resources required to remain such an enthusiastic patron to a community like ours, 

Celebrating the nominee's efforts to maintain the spirit, continuity, and life of this community by:

  • Keeping the community united in the forums and secure from government divisions that often happened in the region,

  • Maintaining a regular presence on the current forums since November 4, 2012, becoming the first registered account and post on them,

  • Covering the cost of hosting the forums, along with others such as Darkesia and Eli,

  • Banning unwanted IPs, bots, spammers and troublemakers, thereby securing the workings of the government and community,

  • Running regular updates to ensure the forums are up-to-date, and otherwise facilitating the efficient function of the forums through masks and role, and 

  • Maintaining a strong presence on the Technical part of the forums, helping members with innumerable requests,

Noting that the above contributions span over a decade, and though historical details may have been lost to time and forum changes, Winnipeg should also be recognized for their major cultural contributions such as their roleplay efforts in the Meritocracy and dedicated impartiality as such a central figure to the Region, and 

Further noting that, Winnipeg's wholehearted contributions live on to this day, 

Hereby regionally commends Winnipeg.

Passed: 4th April 2020

For: 17 (100.00%)

Against: 0 (0.00%)

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