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WAR! Huh! What is it good for? (Join the Ministry of World Assembly Recruitment!)

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Want to get involved with the ministry of World Assembly Recruitment? At WAR we're all about

  • Building the delegate's endorsement count
  • Recruiting nations to join our ranks as citizens and become part of the Hall of Nations
  • Maintaining activity in the region
  • Opposing the GA's overreach on regional and national sovereignty
  • Supporting SC efforts to recognize TWP nations and our allies

If that sounds good to you, then join us! Simply state your nation name, Discord tag, and say what position you're interested in as a reply to this thread.

Open Positions:
Regional Guide: As a Regional Guide, your duty will be to seek out new nations and reach out to them, encouraging them to integrate into TWP's community. Everyone is welcome to join this program, especially nations that are themselves new to the region.

GA Liaison: The GA Liaison will be tasked with helping to draft GA repeals and act as an advisor on GA matters. We're looking for someone with some GA experience who is willing to help craft repeals for this position.

SC Liaison: The SC Liaison will be tasked with helping to draft SC resolutions and act as an advisor on SC matters. We're looking for someone with some SC experience for this position.

WAR Staffer: The WAR Staffer position is the most flexible position of all. WAR staffers will not have a consistent or regular job to do, but indicate that they are willing to help in WAR activities when asked. They will be given different tasks at the Minister's and Deputy Minister's discretion. They may be tasked with helping in resolution-crafting or in recruitment-based activities, or other miscellaneous ministry goals. Anyone and everyone is welcome to apply for this position.

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Nation Name: The Unified Missourtama States

Discord Tag: TUMS#6920

Applying For: SC Liaison

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