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TWP SC Commendations and Condemnations

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People of The West Pacific:

The time has come to put forth an organized effort to get badges for members of our region! This thread will be a starting point, a place for us to bounce ideas around and get started. Use this thread to suggest who should receive a commendation or condemnation, and what might be included in such a resolution. This thread will also be used to keep track of drafts and future plans.

Here are some ideas to get us started:

  • Condemn Neenee
  • Condemn Dalimbar
  • Commend Darkesia
  • Condemn Wickedly Evil People

And, my most ambitious goal:

Commend The West Pacific


So, TWP! Let's get started. Let's work some magic together!

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As I have been tasked, I shall take to this project. 

For those intending to help, I have little experience with the process of drafting or campaigning for an SC resolution. If anyone with access to this thread would like to bring forward any suggestions, they are always welcomed. 

I will start this process with some research. A quick and cursory google has given the following previous attempts or discussions:



Ghostfox Proposal  Apr 04, 2019

The Security Council,

Believing regional sovereignty to be among the core virtues of this esteemed body,

Recognizing the Security Council’s history of viewing the disruption of legal and sovereign governments as negative and destructive especially in the case of rogue delegacies,

Appalled at Dalimbar’s coups d’etats of The North Pacific as Chodean Kal in 2007 preceded by the use of outside help to influence delegate elections, which resulted in the destruction of the regional government and the merciless banning of native inhabitants,

Further dismayed at Dalimbar’s actions as senior member “Lady Anastasia” of The Empire, a group of rogue nations which overthrew the legal government of The East Pacific in 2008, installed an illegitimate regime for a period of 5 months for no better reason than to see what they could achieve, and subsequently declared war on the largest and most populated regions in the world.

Enraged at the actions taken by Dalimbar to destabilize and manipulate the Kemetic Republic of Osiris for the pursuit of egotistical drive and control over the region, including a 24 hour coup d’etat against the legitimate Pharaoh, and an incident in which member nations flew the flag of The Empire at the behest of Dalimbar as a threat to the sovereignty of Osiris,

Cognizant of Dalimbar’s support of several additional rogue delegacies over a wide range of the most populous regions in the world, including active roles in
-Emperor Matthuis’ coup d’etat of the North Pacific in October of 2007,
-Lewis and Clark’s Crimson Order coup d’etat of the North Pacific in 2008,
-Wickedly Evil People’s coup d’etat of the West Pacific in 2009,
and acting as an advisor in
-Sedgistan’s coup d’etat of the South Pacific in 2011, and
-Lone Wolves United’s coup d’etat of Lazarus in 2017,

Disappointed in Dalimbar’s continued dialogue of opposition to sovereignty including threats to regional governments, the advocacy of espionage and subterfuge, and the encouragement to other nations in disrupting and/or overthrowing communities.

Realizing the skill and dedication it takes to maintain such a vicious opposition to sovereignty and horrified at Dalimbar’s willingness to use said skill and dedication in pursuit of maligning regional stability,

Shocked that Dalimbar has been allowed to perpetrate recurring violence against stability and sovereignty of communities for over 14 years without any widespread consequence,

Hereby condemns Dalimbar.



Bormiar's Second Draft of Above Proposal  Mon Nov 18, 2019

The Security Council,

Recognizing Dalimbar to be an anti-establishment menace and infamous couper,

Noting that Dalimbar controls the colonies of Lady Anastasia and Chodean Kal,

Grounding this resolution on the notion that a history of militaristic overthrows and subversion perpetrated by a single nation are not indicative of good intentions, but rather show signs of impulsiveness, selfishness, and cruelty,

Admonishing Dalimbar for its early betrayal of the North Pacific as its “legitimate delegate”, in which Dalimbar manipulated elections through importation before dissolving the government, ejecting natives, and simultaneously claiming to be the native delegate,

Horrified that Dalimbar, along with other members of The Empire, helped in the 2008 coup d’etat of The East Pacific, which consisted of needless ejections of natives at the end of The Empire’s 4 month regime, and The Empire frequently insulting the upset natives through unwarranted, demeaning propaganda,

Enraged at the actions taken by Dalimbar to destabilize and manipulate the Kemetic Republic of Osiris, including a 24 hour coup d’etat against the legitimate Pharaoh, and a diplomatic debacle in which couping nations flew the flag of The Empire at the behest of Dalimbar as a threat to the sovereignty of Osiris,

Disturbed by Dalimbar’s roles in supporting the coups and rogue delegacies of:

  1. The Devonitians / Sedgistan coup d’etat in 2011, in which Sedgistan, secretly controlling the government of Devonitians, unlawfully seized control over the delegacy in the South Pacific. During this coup, Dalimbar was tasked with drawing in support from numerous raider regions, and, in lieu of wisely choosing to maintain stability in regions such as the Rejected Realms, supported Biyah in revealing Sedgistans affiliations with Devonitians,
  2. Westwind’s rogue delegacy in the North Pacific, which, supported by Gatesville, resulted in the constitution being dissolved, the foundation of the Crimson Order, and crippled relations between Gatesville and the Founderless Regions Alliance, as well as Equilism’s reputation.
  3. Emperor Matthius’ rogue delegacy in the North Pacific,

Laughing at Dalimbar’s frequent description of their actions as improvements, necessities, or at all benefiting their victim’s prosperous communities, which is clearly propaganda,

Restating, now having provided insurmountable evidence, that Dalimbar’s only goal is for destruction and subversion of happy, stable governments, and that Dalimbar has outrageously satisfied this ambition,

Hereby condemns Dalimbar





Abacathea Proposal Dec 04, 2013 

Believing that Dalimbar is a living example of a paradoxical force actively working within the NationStates universe and that across its tenure has been a sizeable political force;

Observing that the nation of Dalimbar was once a high ranking member of "The Empire" in the guise of "Lady Anastasia", an imperialist organization which once ravaged The East Pacific purely to prove it could be done, an operation in which Dalimbar was heavily active throughout;

Further aware that while the nation of Dalimbar has served as a legitimate delegate in The North Pacific on three separate occasions it also led a coup d'état against the region seizing power illegitimately back in 2007;

Cognizant that outside of Dalimbar's own illegitimate delegacies and coups d'état throughout the years, they have also lent considerable support to several other delegate coups over the years including All Good People's rogue delegacy in The North Pacific and Naivetry's rogue delegacy in The Rejected Realms;

Further cognizant that as a result of their own political coups d'état, and their having lent support and counsel to several illegitimate governments, Dalimbar has participated in the overthrow of eight of the largest and most populated regions of our day, with the exception of The Pacific;

Believing that this targeted and rapacious assault on several of the most powerful and prominent regions existing in the modern day is by no means a small feat, and cognizant that the nation of Dalimbar is still not only politically active but still as much of a potential threat now as it was in the past;

Condemns Dalimbar.

And some responses from Dali and other Primary info in that thread:

Weed wrote:When did Dali coup The South Pacific? :blink:

I did not coup, but I was assisting both the Coalition side and the Sedge/Milograd sides at the same time. In the Sedge case, he had only contacted us the last day of his Delegacy, thus assistance was limited. I had acted as an observer in the Milograd case until the Coalition started to get its act together, and then worked with Biyah and a few others to put an end to it. You were in the counter-coup, so you will remember what was going on.



Weed wrote:
Abacathea wrote:Impressed with the fact that Dalimbar has not only couped every one of the major 9 regions with exception of The Pacific;

But further impressed; with the knowledge that they have also led counter coups in each of these regions as well;

So these should be reworded to say that he has either supported or been involved in a coup in all 9 except The Pacific, but not both. And that's assuming that's also true of TWP, whose history I know very little about seeing as it is so uninteresting.

Indeed, The Pacific has not been couped in the sense we term it since Francos took over. There have been palace coups, certainly, yet I was never involved in that. I have conspired against Moo and Krull, and they knew. I could not do anything to them, and they couldn't really do much to me. For a brief period of time, under Moo's Delegacy, I did have the password to his nation. Moo and I also had a fictional marriage for propaganda/lulz.

So, these lines needs to be fixed.


Unibot III wrote:He did not play a significant role in the RLA or the ADN from what I can see (without having been in the RLA or the ADN).

For the record, I was Deputy Director of RLA Intelligence. I was also heavily involved in RLAF (Red Liberty Armed Forces). Never mind one of the top diplomats of the org. But, you weren't there. :)


at Dec 07, 2013 9:18 pm

Non-Dali Source
Yeah, Uni - this is why your revisionist history is especially annoying. You don't know anything about what you're talking about, and ignore the people who were actually there and working behind the scenes.

For the record, Dali was Deputy Director RLAI, senior staff of RLAF, and Central Soviet of the RLA. He also handled most of their high priority diplomatic cases (Case in point, the RLA response to the WPD).

He was one of the biggest pains in the asses I had, as ADN High Command. Unless you're going to say that I wasn't a big deal in the ADN either, and have no way of knowing what was going on years before you ever joined, and thus what I know (of him, or the past) is of no account? Go ahead, amuse me.

If you're going to pretend to be an expert, know something.





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I think there is lots of information there - however, we must be careful because we don't want other people writing history about us, but rather write commends/condemns for our own so we don't let others change a part of our history. I'll see if I get some time to do it, but I'll gladly help with it.

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I love the condemn Eli idea!

"EDIT: regarding the Eli/Wickedly Evil People coup in TWP began around early January 2009 and included the disbandment of the West Pacific Liberation Force but wasn't treated as a coup until around 19th February 2009, when they attempted to dissolve the Senate. There was a 'Committee for Public Safety' supporting Eli comprised of That Called the Vlagh, Poo Dynasty, NeeNee, Transberia, Fae, Westwind, Biyah and Kickingandscreaming. Members of the North Pacific Army were originally involved in a plan to refound the West Pacific Liberation Force as a guerrilla force alongside disgruntled TWP natives and The United Kingdom but the operation was overruled by Sydia (who was acting delegate of TNP at the time)"



Here and here have stuff on the TWP Triumvirate.


- Bormiar

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There have been some slight growing pains with the shift from Badger to me. However, based on my understanding of what's best for the ministry and the different roles we have to play, I am relieving @Aelitia of the lead on this job and returning as head of the project. Aelitia is going to be focusing on some of the technical aspects of recruitment and his time is better spent that way.

He is of course free to continue working on resolutions as part of the ministry, but I will lead the project. More to come soon.

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