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[Passed] Condemn Tinfect

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Security Council Resolution At Vote

condemn.pngCondemn Tinfect

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: tinfect__854439t2.pngTinfect

Proposed by: morover__33754t2.jpgMorover

The World Assembly Security Council,


  1. Recognizing tinfect__854439t2.pngThe Imperium of Tinfect as an interstellar power;


  2. Noting that in the upper crevices of the notoriously fascist regime is a frightening bureaucracy and meticulous organization, ruled over by the Praetor Imperium Irrell Levant, shrouded in mystery and conspiracy;


  3. Further noting that tinfect__854439t2.pngTinfect, having written a multitude of General Assembly Resolutions (listed below), should maintain a certain level of decency;

    1. GAR#339: Repeal: "World Space Administration";

    2. GAR#364: Repeal: "Cyber Security Convention";

    3. GAR#420: Protection of Biomedical Research (via the nation tinfect_diplomatic_enclave__916442t2.pngTinfect Diplomatic Enclave, and later replaced with another resolution of the same name);



  4. Dismayed that, despite being a prolific wanderer of the halls of the General Assembly, tinfect__854439t2.pngTinfect remains in a near-constant state of disdain or outright noncompliance in regards to a multitude of General Assembly Resolutions, most notably:

    1. GAR#38: Convention Against Genocide;

    2. GAR#84: A Ban On Forced Disappearances;

    3. GAR#430: Freedom of Religion;



  5. Particularly appalled at the gruesome genocides within Imperial history, especially the Aeravahn Genocide, Purge of the Exterior, and the continued enactment of lebensraum via the so-called Exterior Territories;


  6. Believing that, despite occurring before entry into the World Assembly, the complete and utter lack of reparations or show of remorse through any public forum towards the horrid genocidal atrocities committed by the Imperium shows that the Imperial Government would not hesitate to commit another such atrocity again, should an appropriate opportunity arise itself and the Imperium have the slightest bit to gain from it;


  7. Disturbed that tinfect__854439t2.pngTinfect's economy and industry are built almost entirely off of the grounds of the genocide of the various former inhabitants of the Exterior Territories;


  8. Further noting the imperialism imposed on neighboring nations to the Imperium, including those far less technologically advanced;


  9. Believing that the existence of the Imperial Intelligence (a sect of tinfect__854439t2.pngTinfect's government which is incredibly secretive) is directly responsible for the deaths and disappearances of a number of Imperial residents - both regular citizens and high ranking government officials - in violation of General Assembly restrictions on forced disappearances and capital punishment;

    1. Especially concerned by the replacement of nearly the entire high-level Imperial government following the destruction of the Hathien colony through the use of a planet cracker, including the appointment of Irrell Levant, a former member of the Imperial Intelligence, as the Praetor Imperium;



  10. Concerned by the seemingly arbitrary borders set by the Imperium, which may or may not infringe upon the claims of other nations, and the constant lingering threat that arises from tinfect__854439t2.pngTinfect's unnecessarily large military;

    1. Noting the creation of a "Subspace Barrier" by the Imperial government, which effectively keeps out all foreign eyes and allows the isolationist nation to commit their atrocities without international interference;



  11. Further concerned by the utter sprawl of the Imperial military, and its unclear policy regarding military contact;


  12. Believing the treatment of religious individuals in its territory to be completely unacceptable, showing only the bare minimum amount of tolerance towards those sharing beliefs or belief systems different from the Imperium's;


  13. Worried all around about the lack of public accountability from its government as a whole;


  14. Concluding tinfect__854439t2.pngTinfect and all its branches to be a society bordering on dystopian, stopping only where necessary to maintain a relatively positive public image; and


  15. Determined to rid it of the utopian image so carefully maintained by the Imperial government;

Hereby Condemns tinfect__854439t2.pngThe Imperium of Tinfect.

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