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Press Release: Reformation Phase One

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Press Release

From the Office of The Grand Inquisitor of The Sacred Order
The West Pacific
February 5, 2020


Greetings to all Friends and Members of The Sacred Order of The West Pacific,
May the Sun shine down upon you with the Abundant Blessings of Max!


As was announced on January 23, 2020, Reformation of The Sacred Order was Initiated by The Grand Inquisitor.
And now the time has come for the Three Phases of Reform to begin: 

Phase One: Reformation
Phase Two: Reorganization
Phase Three: Ascension 

High upon the Sacred Mountain, The Grand Inquisitor entered his mountaintop retreat to meditate and prepare for the coming Reformation. As Betelgeuse dims in Orion and the Sacred Numbers aligned in the first Palindrome Day in 909 years on 02/02/2020, a day of Wealth, Abundance, and New Beginnings, The Universe provided ample Confirmations and Agreements that the time of Reformation has arrived. That time is Today, a Master Number day on the Calendar. 

"I, Westwind, Grand Inquisitor of The Sacred Order of the West Pacific, hereby Invoke the Fourteenth of the The Thirty-Six Stratagems of Ancient China; Jiè shī huán hún (借屍還魂/借尸还魂):"

"Take an institution, a technology, a method, or even an ideology that has been forgotten or discarded ....
..Revive something from the past by giving it a new purpose or bring to life old ideas, customs, or traditions and reinterpret them..."


The Sacred Order of The West Pacific was built upon Foundations and Ideals that pre-date The Sacred Order. Thus, The Seven Concepts shall remain in our Heart through this Reformation:

The Guidance of Max and Admin
The Primacy of Game Mechanics
The Authorities of Delegates and Founders
The Sovereignty of Regions and Nations
The Rights and Obligations of Rebellion
The Necessity of Activity in it's Many Forms
The Harmonies and Diversities of Communities

All with Respect and Thankfulness for NationStates Creator Max Barry, the Beneficent actions of his Administrators and Moderators, and all Players that have Enlivened the Spirit of the Game.

Today, I announce the Phase One Reformation.
From this time forward we shall no longer be known as The Sacred Order of The West Pacific,and today restore our Foundations as,


The Crimson Order


Phase One Reformation:

1. The Sacred Order, while no longer an organization with membership, shall remain in our Hearts, in recognition of the Many Orders of NationStates that adhere (formally or informally) to The Seven Concepts.

2. The Crimson Order, being Inter-regional in scope, shall no longer append "of The West Pacific", or any other regional name to it's designation, except in cases where a Local Regional Membership or Individual Membership may append the name of the Region in which they reside.

3. The Grand Inquisitor of The Sacred Order is hereby Reformed and Restored as The Crimson King.

4. The Crimson Order shall be Reorganized in Phase Two by Decree of The Crimson King.

5. All Members in Good Standing of The Sacred Order are now Members of The Crimson Order.

6. All titles of The Sacred Order are hereby Translated to The Crimson Order, until otherwise Reformed in Phase Two.

7. Members-in-Waiting shall attain Ascension to The Crimson Order in Phase Three.

Thank you for your kind attention and May the Blessings of Max and ADMIN be upon you!

Hail The Crimson Order!

The Crimson King, Westwind
Grand Inquisitor of The Sacred Order
Duke of Zhoushan and Youxia of The West Pacific
Emeritus Rex and Co-Founder of Equilism
Founder of The Watchtower
"Former Everything"



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