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[Passed] Condemn Gatesville Inc

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Security Council Resolution At Vote

condemn.pngCondemn Gatesville Inc

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Gatesville Inc

Proposed by: bormiar__179939t2.pngBormiar

The Security Council,

Believing that posthumous condemnations ought not to be invalidated by the Security Council for its nominee’s demise, as condemnations serve to recognize and provide an example of unethical actions as well as create a moral basis behind liberations and future condemnations,

Recognizing Gatesville Inc to be the remnants of Gatesville, a militaristic raider organization zealously devoted to the creation of chaos and misery,

Scolding Gatesville Inc for its perpetration of a month-long coup d’etat of Osiris in 2013, in which Osiris’ rogue delegate, The dourian embassy, as a desperate attempt to keep its position and prevent the legitimate delegate from taking power, chose to align itself with Gatesville Inc, who preceded to eject prominent natives, suppress the Regional Message Board which had been dominated by members of the Osiran community and lawful government, replace the distressed region’s flag - a prominent symbol of Osiran culture - with Gateville’s flag, and eventually indirectly destroy the Kemetic Republic of Osiris,

Admonishing Gatesville, the predecessor to Gatesville Inc made up of many of them same members, organizational structure, and leadership as Gatesville Inc, for its roles in promoting the instability of numerous prominent, efficient, and developed regions, such as:

  1. The 2008 rogue delegacy in The North Pacific by its contemporary delegate lewis_and_clark__468223t2.jpgLewis and Clark (westwind__996055t2.jpgWestwind), in which Gatesville supported Westwind’s choice to dissolve the constitution, change the communication method used in the North Pacific, disband the North Pacific Army, and establish the “Crimson Order” as the new government; Gatesville threatened to “terminate the interests” of the legitimate North Pacific community, supported the rogue delegate with over 30 endorsements, and even supported attempted invasions of the Rejected Realms and Lazarus (twice) to distract soldiers from fighting for the North Pacific’s freedom,

  2. Threatening the sovereignty of the North Pacific a year before the Lewis and Clark coup in supporting an Emperor Matthius rogue delegacy, in which a group of un-endorsement campaigners depleted the legitimate delegate Great Bright Mum’s endorsements and endorsed vice-delegate Emperor Matthius, illegally forcing it into the delegacy. Emperor matthius then used this event as a platform to eject its endorsers into the Rejected Realms, move there itself, and nearly overthrow the Rejected Realms’ delegacy,

  3. Causing great fear and consternation in the previously content community of the East Pacific, in which Gatesville provided significant military assistance to the Empire that terrorized the East Pacific for a long and arduous 4 months, ejecting natives and demeaning them through propaganda,

  4. A third major act of aggression against the North Pacific; when Gatesville supported the establishment of the North Pacific Directorate, a coup in which pierconium__333748t2.jpgPierconium seized the nation of Pixiedance, the North Pacific’s delegate, suspended the constitution, and instituted martial law, before Pixiedance retook control over its nation; When Pixiedance did the exact same thing as Pierconium had previously, Pierconium replaced the North Pacific’s government with a corrupt dictatorship known as the North Pacific Directorate, and Gatesville used its military might to support such,


Disgusted by Gatesville’s meddling hands which attempted to influence the governments of foreign regions via a vast intelligence network which reported confidential information to Gatesville and acted only in Gatesville’s interest, rather than the targeted region’s,

Acknowledging one of the notable spies under Gatesville: Lots of ants, which, cunningly and with masterful deception, proved to be a useful new nation in the West Pacific, taking on important roles in the region before eventually becoming delegate, at which point the nation mysteriously dropped out of activity. This event, which intentionally and successfully destabilized the West Pacific, was found to have been orchestrated by darkesia__252654t2.jpgDarkesia, a prominent member of Gatesville intelligence, but it is entirely unknown as to whether or not Darkesia always controlled Lots of Ants,

Noting that Gatesville acted zealously against the World Assembly, and used its political influence to combat it,

Horrified by Gatesville’s long and appalling history of subverting and bullying prominent and happy regions into submission via dastardly intelligent covert operations and its massive terrorist army, just to satisfy its childish dislike for this Security Council and its own self-interests,

Hereby condemns Gatesville Inc.

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