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[kicked back---Illegal] Repeal: “Ban On Secret Treaties”

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Repeal: “Ban On Secret Treaties”

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#408

Proposed by: refuge_isle__244467t2.jpgRefuge Isle

General Assembly Resolution #408 “Ban on Secret Treaties” (Category: Furtherment of Democracy; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

The General Assembly,

Recalling how this chamber has previously affirmed that the nature and influence of secret treaties


  1. pose an encumbrance on government leadership and their staff when members are excluded from an internal cabal to the detriment of making informed decisions,

  2. cloud the realities of a diplomatic situation by presenting whatever conflicting information is necessary to negotiate, establish, and maintain secret treaties, and

  3. create or exploit fractures within or between governments where discrepancies in a nation's foreign policy result in an international crisis,


Conceding that international agreements, beneficial to their members' stability, security, or economic well-being, can be the products of privately negotiated and established treaties when the challenges of conventional diplomatic exchanges would be politically or culturally insurmountable,

Believing the doors should remain open to world leaders and their diplomats who would only be willing to work toward a cessation of hostilities in a private forum, achieving steady progress through secret agreements, without fear of retaliation from their own citizenry or members of their own government,

Concerned that member states who are faced with mounting threats from a neighbouring military power are legislated out of the ability to establish defensive alliances in secret as a means of security against the risk of attack or invasion,

Lamenting that the resolution, which was sold on the premise of preventing subversive diplomacy, merely establishes a bureaucratic arm of the World Assembly by creating a committee to receive and publish documents indiscriminately, as submitted by member states in compliance with the resolution,

Aware that any nation may intentionally lengthen their treaties to include limitless volumes of text in order to obfuscate the agreement's true purpose during publication, or establish absurd quantities of treaties by this process in order to conceal which of the reported treaties are meaningful to parties with a vested interest,

Whereas such an alarming technique has already been used within the fourth clause of the resolution to establish an extraordinary redefinition of the words "secret treaty" to reference various felines and military weaponry,

The membership of this venerable body, in concluding that such an ineffective branch of its government merely adds paperwork to the desires of bad actors, while placing unfair and arbitrary restrictions on nations that rely on their diplomatic abilities to maintain the peace,

Hereby repeals GAR#408 "Ban on Secret Treaties".

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I did vote for this repeal, as it seems well-reasoned.

I haven't been able to find specifics on how (or if?) repeals actually affect nations, though. What I do know is that joining the WA does not affect your stats until a new resolution is passed, which means that if repeals affect national stats, they're bad for nations that weren't part of the WA at the time of the repealed resolution's passage.

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