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Saint Mark

2019 N-Day Recognition

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N-Day Recognition

Congratulations to all those that participated in the 2019 N-Day event!

The West Pacific ended up well-irradiated, but you took on the NS-verse single-handed and never backed down. Your skill and teamwork were impressive and led to a great showing. You made us proud!

Those who led the team were:






You are warded the Badge of The Crimson Sea Missile Command of The West Pacific



The valiant participants were:




Gryphonian Alliance









You are awarded The N-Day Task Force Badge



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33 minutes ago, Westwind said:

Well done!

Three nations of Westwind contributed 504 strikes to The Crimson Sea Missile Command

The Gates of Delirium
The Black Necromancer

Westwind, I apologize that I didn't include you. I wasn't around and didn't know. My post will be edited.

Thank you for your service! 

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1 hour ago, k1213693 said:

Thanks Halo! But what does the "181" on the Task Force badge mean?

Believe it or not, it's a pun. The US Navy fielded Polaris submarine -launched ballistic missiles; 181 is a reference to the continent of Polaris in the TWP RP Discord.

Additional Fact: Crimson Sea is not only a call-out to our favorite spiced rum, but also the RP realm of TWP. The Crimson Sea is situated between the SE coast of Polaris (home of Bran, Resu, Fujai, Kawaii, etc.) and the continent of Aura (home of Halo, Dilber, Ark, and others). 

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Not the place to ask that question, better place to ask that is on the discord. Or better yet, you can read one of the guides on the NS region page.

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