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[Vote] Non-Binding Resolution on an agreement on preventing sexual harassment

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Fellow Members of the Hall,

We shall be voting on the following Non-Binding Resolution on an agreement on preventing sexual harassment, presented by the Speaker on behalf of the Delegate. 


NationStates is a community populated by many people who are under the age of consent. While it is not possible for regional governments to police every interaction, nor is it possible to guarantee the safety of any of its members, it is the hope of the signatories to this accord that by taking this stand against certain behaviours in our regions, we will promote a climate where keeping others safe is a goal for everyone.

The signatories agree that sexting, sexual role-play, and otherwise trading communications of a sexual nature is not welcome in their respective regions. In no way is this meant to condemn consensual adult relationships outside of NS, even among those who met through NS.

The vote shall end at 8:30pm PDT on March 21st. You may vote in favour, against, or abstain.

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