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Wyvern for Sergeant at Arms

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Hey all! I'm Wyvern and I'd like to be your Sergeant at Arms.

The Sergeant at Arms serves two purposes:

  1. As the Deputy Minister to the Minister of Military Affairs, also called TWPAF Command, acting as your liaison between the military and the Hall.
  2. As a monitor, checking for endorsement cap violators and reporting them to the Guardians.

As for experience, I've served in TWPAF for 2 years now and attained the rank of Officer and have served The West as it's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for 3 terms and WA Minister this last term. I've also had the pleasure of being the Editor of the West Pacifican, TWP's regional newspaper, though how I became it is a funny story. To those of you who read it, don't worry the next issue will be coming out soon. I swear! Cross my heart and all that stuff. :P

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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