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Howdy folks!

Dali here, and I'm wanting to be your next Speaker. As it stands right now, I'm currently a Guardian and Minister of Education. I am damn proud of the work we as a region have done together about establishing the MoE, so why am I not waiting to run for that in the next round? I always saw my role as getting it off the ground and to build the foundations for it. I wanted a mix of experienced and newer folks involved, and that's what we got in MoE. What I do not wish to be is a NS bureaucrat while being one in RL. Thus, it is time to hand off the Ministry to whomever you elect, so that it thrives and grows. The MoE will always hold a special place in my heart, and the next Minister will have my support going forward.

I'd like to take on the Speakership because I want the Hall to continue to be represented at the Cabinet and Guardian tables. Ark did a fantastic job doing that during his term and I want to be Speaker like him. I am not in favour of "legislating for legislations sake", but I would like to see and support citizens who have good ideas. I aim to be a fair and effective chair and a consensus builder. If you are working to improve the region, your voice needs to be heard.

I'm keeping this short, but let me know if you have any questions/hate mail.

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