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Saint Mark

The Chol Covenant (Lazarus-TWP)

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Today, the regions of Lazarus and The West Pacific announce the signing of The Chol Covenant

Our regions pursued this treaty with a desire to strengthen both the friendship between each other, as well as bolster our positions in the world at large. The West Pacific and Lazarus have supported each other in crucial moments of NationStates history and this treaty will stand as a monument to that cooperation moving forward.

We seek to provide a foundation upon which we may create a stronger bond between our respective communities and we hope to stand together as a voice for sovereign ideals throughout the World.


The Chol Covenant 


Desiring that there shall be lasting peace and friendship between Lazarus and The West Pacific, this treaty is declared to be agreed upon by the governments of both regions, broadening and rejoicing in both the present and future friendship between the two regions. Each region shall respect the independence, sovereignty, and principles of the other and refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of the other, working only toward the betterment of each.

Article I - Recognition of Sovereignty

A.    The members of this treaty recognize the independence and sovereignty of the current government of each region and agree to recognize any legal government that follows. 
B.    Each member region recognizes that the sovereignty of each government is vested in the delegate and reflected in the decisions they make, and the authority they maintain as symbols of unity and stability for their region.
C.    Both regions agree not to take up arms against one another, nor undertake any action that is aimed at the subversion of the legitimate government of either region.
D.    Neither region shall enact law which cedes sovereign control of its government to a third party not native to its region.

Article II – Mutual Defense

A.    Signatories of this treaty agree to provide defense for one another and may call on each other in times of crisis, or any other circumstance that is deemed a threat to the legal governments of either region. 
B.    Such defense is not limited in scope, and the regional governments of both regions may request any form of help that they feel is necessary in trying circumstances, which can include everything from a statement by the other regional government, to a call for military assistance. 
C.    A Request for military assistance may only be filed by the lawful Delegates or heads of the regional militaries.
D.    If a request cannot reasonably be fulfilled by the region, they may respectfully reject the request, but some form of help must be provided.
E.    If one region comes into possession of intelligence that could put the other region at risk, such information must be reported to the other regional government’s officials as quickly as possible. Any information shared between the parties of this treaty will be kept confidential to the greatest capability of both regional governments, and such information will not be presented publicly unless the regions have both agreed.

Article III – Military Cooperation

A.    Signatory regions shall not engage in military hostilities against each other. This includes direct military operations and engaging in military operations in assistance of an opposing force of the other region.
B.    Individual military operations do not need the approval of the other region as long as it does not violate Article III, A.
C.    The signatories of this treaty agree to the principle of military cooperation, and will try to work together when possible to increase the effectiveness, strength, and respect of each other’s military.
D.    Both regions agree to recognize that the militaries of each regions are independent entities, protected under the right of sovereignty, and that they may engage each other on opposite sides of the battlefield in typical military gameplay; moreover, such engagements should and will not offend either region, but be greeted with respect in the spirit of competition.
E.    Though strongly encouraged, neither region is obligated to participate in any military operation of the other, with the exception of the mutual defense agreements spelled out in this treaty.

Article IV – Diplomatic Cooperation

A.    Each signatory will endeavor to provide diplomatic support to the other signatory, where it is possible for them to do so, while being consistent with their own internal policies.
B.    Signatory regions shall provide an embassy for the other signatory on their forums and shall provide a representative from their region who will act as an ambassador from their region. 
C.    Each signatory will endeavor to keep the other up-to-date on their regional affairs.
D.    Each ambassador shall behave in a respectable manner towards the signatory region. This includes, but is not limited to, obeying regional laws where it is applicable and following any ambassadorial protocol that the signatory region has already in place.
E.    Either signatory region may request that the ambassador sent to them by the other signatory be replaced if it is deemed that clauses IV.C or IV.D have not been followed appropriately by that individual.

Article V – Cultural Activities

A.    Each signatory will endeavor, where appropriate to engage in social and cultural activities with the other signatory. This can include, but is not limited to, festivals, competitions, and other shared events.

Article VI – Termination of Treaty

A.    If either regional government is considering withdrawal from this treaty, representatives from both regions must first meet and make a good-faith effort to find a solution to the issue(s) causing withdrawal.
B.    If that good-faith effort fails, then either member of this treaty may withdraw by posting a notice in the embassy of the other region.
C.    There will then be a five-day period before the treaty cancellation is considered final.
D.    Termination of this treaty shall not be seen as an act of war or hostility by either side.

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