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HyFy for DMoFA!

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Hello! I'm HyFy. I've also gone by my nation name (Gryphonian Alliance) and my forum username (k1213693) sometimes but I think it'll make things easier just to stick to plain old HyFy from now on.
I've been part of our Foreign Affairs ministry as our ambassador to Osiris since January 2018 (which is almost 2 years ago now, crazy how time flies!)
Having been a member of the department for quite a while now, I know how the FA team functions and what the duties of the Deputy Minister are.

As DMoFA, the main project I plan to work on is a monthly report (or as we usually call them, FA updates) which would be delivered by our trusty ambassadors to regions we have embassies with, explaining what's happened in TWP with every month. Up until about 7 months ago this used to be a thing the Deputy Minister would do, but our last couple of Deputy Ministers and our (now former) FA Minister Ark have been too busy to make the update as of late, and I don't blame them- it's a lot of work! I'm not that occupied with other stuff, so I'll definitely get this ball rolling if I get elected. Some things I want to make sure to include in the FA updates:
-Different versions modified for the forums that different regions use
-Interviews with important TWPers
-Happenings involving the different ministries and the Hall of Nations
-Festival and contest announcements/results

And of course, I'll be working together with Halo to keep the ministry running at its best!

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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