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Saint Mark

Naming The Heir Apparent

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Naming The Heir Apparent
Of The West Pacific


His Imperial Majesty,

Marcarius Halo Rahl, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark,

Dragon Emperor of The West Pacific,

on the eighth day of October, in the year two-thousand and nineteen,

by the prerogative of The Delegacy,

and in accordance with the Peerage Proclamation,

is pleased to confer upon


Bran Astor


the title and privileges of

Imperial Prince of The West Pacific,

Heir Apparent to The Delegacy.




Bran has been either the driving force behind or a major contributor to most of the region’s accomplishments during my administration. He supports our traditions and advocates for innovation. He is hard-working, talented, funny and patient. He loves The West Pacific as much as I do and will serve it well.

I intend to abdicate sometime in the second week of November and will try to thank properly the many people who have contributed to the great successes we have enjoyed at that time. Let this moment belong to Bran who is well-deserving. Please support him as you have supported me.

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Congrats on an excellent run as Delegate Halo! If I had one regret it was not making you my direct successor.

Bran, well... we've had our differences, but I've watched you grow and learn under Halo. I think you will be an excellent Delegate and will continue to make The West Pacific even better!

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Bran, you are undoubtedly a great choice for our next delegate.  I have watched with much pleasure your enthusiasm and dedication shining through all that you do for the region and the wider NSverse over the past many months.  

Halo, what can I say? Your wonderfully, energetic, enterprising, and hard-working run as TWP delegate is coming to a close.  It has been a sincere pleasure to have served under your tutelage.  Many, many thanks for your service to the region :)  :twpflag:

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