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Dali for Speaker

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My name is Dali, and I'd like to be your Speaker for another term. I'm going to keep this short and sweet, but would like to take this time to go over a couple things.

What have I been doing as Speaker? Besides running elections, I primarily advise the Delegate and other Cabinet members on the issues of the day. I find with this role that I get to be part of a wide variety of aspects in the region, from cultural events to relations, foreign and domestic. It's a fantastic and flexible role for an old dog like me, and while I do not anticipate being Speaker indefinitely, I'd like to spend this term continuing to advise and help our Delegate and Cabinet in any way I can.

My main project for this term, which I have started preliminary work in the past couple weeks, is the development and implementation of a program to encourage more West Pacificans to endorse the Delegate and Guardians, to endorse each other, and to encourage more West Pacificans to join the WA and regional government. Most other GCRs by now have have fully realized plans of this nature, and while I can't give full details now (don't want to spoil the announcement when we have it all ready), I'm looking forward to seeing more activity in the region and an increase of our security through this program.

Finally, I'd like to make more use of the Hall of Nations this term. I will continue to oppose legislation for legislation sake, but what I'm interested in hearing is what the Hall would like to do. Ideas I've heard recently are having the Hall recognize West Pacificans for their hard work or to snarkily condemn them, depending on the case. Through out this term, I'm going to work harder to engage the Hall, and I'd like to invite all Members to chat with me about what you'd like to see in the Hall.

With that, I'll open the bar, have a beverage, and answer any questions. Cheers!

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